Jim Haney

From the Outside In

October 08, 2018

By Jim Haney

I for one cannot stand what has happened to our country. No traditions, no morals, no responsibility, and no more hard work.

Jim Haney
Jim Haney

Must we be PC? Please! Reality is that our America is a place where we are supposed to be able to achieve anything through hard work. Handouts are not a means to achieve anything except being enslaved.

We are who we are because great men took time to reason, take action and pass a Constitution for “We the people.” The Bill of Rights was to help keep what is happening to us now, from being possible. If we lived by our Constitution, we would be great again.

We now have professional politicians that are exempted from the laws they pass and are paid like they are the brightest and best. What is this BS? It’s golden parachutes for politicians for just selling their soul to be sponsored by lobbyists to be elected enough times to reach the paradise of money, medical, retirement that not even a worker’s union has been unable to achieve. We react to feelings instead of reality.

Reality is the truth about what is going on and what we should deal with. It is not an ideology; it is what you base your decisions and goals on. You need the facts to run and establish a business that will grow and offer opportunity to you, your family and your employees and their families.

Success is worked for, not given out by government. Our founders warned us about such men as we have now, that believe that socialism is the future. That is against every principle our country was founded on.

Wake up America, we were a great nation built on the backs of hard working people, not professional politicians.

We are America, not a global unit. We are proud of our traditions, holidays and neighbors.

God Bless our troops in harms way and God Bless America, again!