Bard touring mobile showroom
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AccuAir Springs Into Action with the Bard I-TEC Touring Mobile Showroom Again!

March 01, 2019

AccuAir, Inc., a Bard heating and cooling systems specialist and distributor serving educational and commercial customers throughout the Eastern United States, has announced that the Bard Touring Mobile Showroom will be on the road in Florida again this spring and early summer.

Bard touring mobile showroomAccuAir, Inc. specialists will be delivering the mobile showroom, a specially-outfitted touring vehicle with a trailer designed to effectively approximate the environment of a classroom or office, throughout Florida to demonstrate Bard’s I-TEC heating and cooling unit, hailed by the manufacturer, numerous school boards and mechanical engineers as Bard’s flagship HVAC system.

The trailer features a fully functional I-TEC unit with a covered generator, allowing AccuAir’s technical staff to demonstrate first-hand the system’s quietness, efficiency, versatility and serviceability. “This is genius,” says Frank Suranyi, AccuAir’s Engineered Products Manager, “because actually walking into the mobile showroom and experiencing how comfortable and quiet the system is says more than any sales pitch or promise could. People really have to see and feel it to believe it.”

To make the experience easy and convenient, AccuAir is delivering the mobile showroom by appointment to designated destination sites. “We literally drive right to schools, office buildings, new and renovated constructions sites, wherever decision-makers find it easiest for them,” says Suranyi. “All we need is a parking space to provide an honest and constructive first-hand experience.”

Suranyi points out that the mobile showroom’s features extend beyond just comfort and quiet. “People are allowed to inspect the unit so even someone who knows little about HVAC can see and understand how easy the I-TEC system is to program, run and maintain. And our specialists are right there to answer the most exacting questions about the unit’s functions, operation costs, maintenance requirements, whatever they want to know. This on-site experience enables purchasers to make a truly educated and confident decision.”

The specifics of the unit are impressive to people in the know, such as mechanical engineers and HVAC concept architects, who favor the I-TEC system based on its efficiency numbers (12.0 EER/16.5 IPLV), low sound output (<40 dBA), energy recovery and conservation capabilities, hot gas reheat dehumidification and numerous ventilation options to keep interior environments infused with fresh air. The unit is quiet enough for the smallest classroom and powerful enough for large office spaces, community and civic halls, places of worship and other facilities.

The I-TEC Roadshow’s mobile showroom is available by appointment to all Florida schools, businesses, commercial enterprises and municipalities for on-site inspection.

For more information, contact: Frank Suranyi, Engineered Products Manager, AccuAir, 407-259-0089,,