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HVACR Technologies Transition: Keeping Up with the Changes

December 21, 2023

The EPA’s recent rulings, combined with the substantial advancements from the Department of Energy and Department of Education, can be overwhelming. Although change is daunting, what makes this even more difficult is having to educate others about systems, equipment, and refrigerants you have not personally interacted with.

In the face of these changes, it makes it difficult to know what to teach, and what resources are needed to adequately prepare your students for success in an evolving industry. To help you navigate this transition, we invite you to our National HVACR Education Conference. What sets this event apart from other events is the opportunity to get firsthand information from the government agencies who passed these rulings, and equipment manufacturers tasked with developing new equipment and refrigerants to comply with them.

Did You Know

  • Effective January 1, 2025, residential and light commercial systems will no longer use R-410A?
  • New A2L refrigerants (R-32 and R-454B) cannot be put into existing R-410A equipment?
  • The EPA is currently discussing a new training and certification program just for A2L refrigerants?
  • The Department of Energy has allocated over 8 billion dollars to educate the industry on cold climate heat pumps?

To distinguish fact from fiction, don’t miss the conference where top manufacturers, government agencies, and industry stakeholders are coming together to keep you informed about these developments.

Eight Billion Reasons for Heat Pumps

Did you know that the Department of Energy (DOE) is making eight billion dollars available for just one of many programs to educate our industry on the next generation of technologies? Meet with members from the DOE to learn about new efficiency standards, and the incentives for training and certification initiatives underway.

Refrigerant Transition

 Amidst the extensive misinformation surrounding A2L refrigerants, such as the false belief that they are explosive, we aim to set the record straight. The EPA, Chemours and Honeywell, will be joining us to provide comprehensive insights into these refrigerants, the safety standards that govern them, and the critical distinction between a phasedown and phaseout.

It’s crucial to understand that these new refrigerants are specifically engineered for modern equipment, while legacy refrigerants are tailored for older systems. Join us to get the accurate facts and dispel the myths.

General Session

The HVACR industry is at a crossroads, where the convergence of stringent government regulations and groundbreaking technological advancements presents a critical choice – adapt or risk obsolescence. This compelling session, open to all attendees, offers exclusive insights into the burning questions and seismic shifts that are reshaping the ever-evolving HVACR landscape. Our panelists include team members from the EPA, Department of Energy, Daikin, and Fujitsu.


Dedicated exposition time is allocated to provide you with the opportunity to learn about the latest HVACR products and technologies from industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Over 90 Sessions Offered

We recognize that every attendee has distinct professional development requirements. That’s why we are delighted to present a diverse array of nearly 90 different sessions. This empowers you to craft a personalized schedule that perfectly aligns with your specific needs.

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