Introducing: ‘Homeowning 01,” Simplified Do-It-Yourself Guidance for Home Improvement Presented by American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

November 14, 2020

American Standard® Heating & Air Conditioning, a leading provider of long-lasting, quality equipment for more than a century, launched Homeowning 01, a new website that curates helpful content to better equip new (and less handy) homeowners with the confidence to tackle their house projects and gain a deeper understanding of how to care for their big investment. From understanding the basics, like what does HVAC stand for, anyway?, to how to find a secure mounting spot to place art on your wall, American Standard’s Homeowning 01 platform offers quick and easy-to-follow “lessons” from well-known professional experts in the home improvement space.

Homeowning 01 was designed to take the headache out of home improvement. The first semester includes 10 videos instructed by Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell, hosts of a popular home improvement TV show based in Boise, Idaho. The team takes on the following questions and tips that every homeowner needs to know:

  1. What does HVAC stand for, anyway?
  2. The dirt on vents
  3. Attaching a drill bit
  4. Finding a stud
  5. Anchoring away
  6. Leveling up your leveling
  7. Fixing a hole
  8. How to pick a paint (and how to open it)
  9. Where to put your new furniture
  10. Filling your home without emptying your wallet

“Our brand has established a reputation based on the quality and reliability of our units, making the HVAC system one less problem for homeowners to worry about when it comes to improving or maintaining their home” said Kathryn Wildrick, Brand Manager for American Standard. “That is why we decided to introduce Homeowning 01 as a resource center for new and less experienced homeowners to learn the basics, so they never have to feel intimated by how well they do or don’t know how to do something around the house. We chose to introduce this platform with Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell because these guys have an unmatched expertise in making even the most challenging tasks seem simple.”

The first semester of American Standard’s Homeowning 01 lesson series is now available at For more information about American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, please visit