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JB Industries Takes Home GOLD Award

July 27, 2022

JB Industries, a premier manufacturer of American made HVACR tools and equipment, announces their award-winning ATLAS DS-5000 Propane Scale.  The ATLAS Propane Scale was recognized for excellence in product design in the 2022 Dealer Design Awards Program, sponsored by The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News magazine. An independent panel of contractors acted as judges in the contest that had 132 entries. The ATLAS Propane Scale was the Gold winner in the Refrigeration and Ice Machines category.

Designed specifically for R-290 and R-600a, the scale uniquely charges through the load cell in both inverted and upright canister orientations resulting in exact readings without interference by hose movement.

“The Atlas DS-5000 scale is the most accurate refrigerant scale for R-290 (propane) and other small-canister refrigerants,” said David Madden, director of manufacturing at JB Industries, Inc. “It’s unique in that it charges through the load cell (pass-through), so the hose weight/movement won’t affect scale reading. That prevents the user from inadvertently affecting the weight when moving or flexing the charging hose.”

This compact, lightweight, yet durable propane refrigerant scale, is extremely precise, with accuracy down to 1 gr/0.1 oz.  This enables the refrigeration field technician to easily dial in critical charges needed for efficient refrigeration system performance.

“Propane and similar mildly flammable refrigerants are utilized in more and more new equipment designs, and JB Industries’ engineering team created a scale to perfectly fit the needs of refrigeration technicians working on these critically charged systems,” said Madden.

NEWS Publisher Sarah Harding stated, “These awards give us a unique opportunity to recognize the outstanding research and development efforts that go into many of the products serving the HVACR industry and the awards issue gives our readers an opportunity to read about innovative installation and service solutions.”

Included with the ATLAS Propane Scale are specially designed refrigeration hoses, charging valve, Schrader valves, and cylinder adapter – all protected by a sturdy hard shell carrying case.

About JB Industries

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