JB Solutions Releases a Commercial Version of its HVAC IV, the HVAC IV PLUS

May 01, 2019

Summer AC season is just around the corner and the team at JB Solutions has expanded its product line to include the new HVAC IV® PLUS series of their patented and UL certified condensate drain treatment systems. Drain slime problems will now be a thing of the past!

Jim and Brian Patterson, the father/son JB Solutions, Inc team and inventors of the original HVAC IV® , have fielded numerous inquiries from potential dealers in the commercial HVAC service industry and tweaked their flagship model to include a version that is more adaptable for larger volume applications.

The Evolution of Biofilm Management

While their HVAC IV ® serves single injection applications ( furnaces and air handlers), the PLUS model has the added feature of using up to three injection points with 3 different schedules of biocide deployment. This variety will allow systems with larger drain pans, longer condensate drain lengths and unusually slimy conditions to be treated more effectively.

Clogged Drain Prevention Isn’t the Only Story

Jim notes that although managing the drain and pan systems condensate flow is the key role, many other benefits exist for the home and building owners using the HVAC IV® and PLUS models.

“Drain management has always been a key goal to our design, keeping the drain flowing properly during cooling operation protects the integrity of our clients homes and businesses, avoiding expensive flooding, damage and mold growth. Preserving air quality and protecting the building occupants health and wellness is another little known benefit. Keeping the pan and drain clear keeps the nasty growth from occurring within the equipment and prevents the spores and bacteria from entering the air stream. After all, our jobs as HVAC experts goes beyond just keeping the equipment running. We should be conscious of the conditions our equipment creates in our client’s buildings and
diligently protecting their health and investments in their structures.”

Jim also notes that JB Solutions has launched its national campaign to set up this network and establish contractors as authorized JB Solutions trade partners. HVAC professionals are invited to contact Jim to discuss the opportunity.

A Dealer signup form is live on the website, phone calls and emails are also welcome.