Joel Brown, James Faulkner and Remell 'Bud' Pichon

Joel Brown Joins Solar Supply in Slidell

August 21, 2019

Remell ‘Bud’ Pichon happily announced a new member to his team at the Solar Supply Store in Slidell. Joel Brown started in the beginning of August and Mr. Pichon has high expectations for Joel. Bud said, “Joel catches on really fast and although he is new to the HVACR business he is going to do well. He has a great attitude to go along with his quick mind and the customers already love to deal with him.”

Joel Brown, James Faulkner and Remell 'Bud' Pichon
Joel Brown, James Faulkner and Remell ‘Bud’ Pichon

Mr. Brown is originally from North Carolina and attended Greensboro College for several years. He relocated to Slidell because his lovely wife Deborah is from this area. Joel had this to say about Solar Supply, “Although I’m new to this business, I’m fortunate because the years of experience and the quality of my co-workers at Solar Supply. They make it easier for me to learn this business in the right way.”

James Faulkner of Broom’s A/C & Heating was picking up an order at the Slidell branch and commented, “Joel is a great addition to this store. He’s friendly, helpful and if he doesn’t know something, he will find out from another Solar Supply employee to make sure your order is filled correctly. I buy everything I can from Solar because they are the best. Nobody treats us better; they have everything available in stock and they have it at great price. I love to install their Luxaire units because they are trouble free. All of this makes my job easier.”