Johnson Controls Brings Horizontal Scroll Compressors to North American Market Through Joint Venture Partnership

May 15, 2021
  • Partnership between Johnson Controls and Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning makes innovative Hitachi horizontal scroll compressors readily available to North American based refrigeration equipment manufacturers
  • ZS and DS series horizontal scroll compressors save space, reduce energy costs, enhance sustainability, and minimize noise and vibration
  • Hitachi horizontal scroll compressors are a perfect complement to Johnson Controls PENN® brand of commercial refrigeration controls and smart connected solutions
  • Together they support Open Blue Healthy Buildings, a dynamic connected platform from Johnson Controls for healthy people, healthy places, and a healthy planet

Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, today announced a partnership with its joint venture company, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning, to offer wide-scale distribution of its industry recognized line-up of Hitachi horizontal scroll compressors in North America. This offering aligns the innovative Hitachi scroll compressors with the strength of PENN®, an industry leading brand from Johnson Controls backed by more than a century of commercial refrigeration expertise. As a result, the ZS and DS series horizontal scroll compressors are now available to North American-based refrigeration equipment manufacturers through Johnson Controls sales representative.

Innovation continues
with unique low sound
and vibration performance in compact design
Hitachi is known for pioneering the world’s first scroll compressor. Today, Hitachi scroll compressors continue the tradition of innovation with this latest release of environmentally friendly, low GWP refrigerant solutions. Designed for the rigors of commercial refrigeration applications, Hitachi ZS and DS series horizontal scroll compressors offer unique low sound and vibration performance in a low height, low weight compressor profile. These features help facilities realize the OpenBlue Healthy Buildings promise through improved space optimization, energy savings and remote operating capabilities.

“As refrigerated equipment machine compartments become smaller, horizontal scroll compressors are the perfect solution to save space, reduce energy consumption, and minimize noise and vibration,” said Bill Merritt, director of business development, Johnson Controls. “Hitachi first introduced its horizontal scroll compressor in the early 2000s, and today, we are pleased to not only offer a product that delivers exceptional performance and reliability but has also undergone rigorous testing and continuous design enhancements.”

Unmatched flexibility
and proven reliability
pairs perfectly with
PENN portfolio
Horizontal scroll compressors play an important role in enhancing sustainability and keeping refrigerated equipment up and running to ensure food, pharmaceuticals and other perishable goods are maintained at the proper temperature. They integrate seamlessly with Johnson Controls PENN portfolio of temperature, pressure, humidity, and fan speed controls as well as software and smart connected solutions providing remote monitoring, alarming and data-logging capabilities.

The Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning horizontal scroll compressor line-up delivers unmatched flexibility, proven reliability, and advanced engineering thanks to these features:
Flexibility: The compact footprint of the horizontal compressor allows for reduced height of equipment machine compartments.

  • Reliability: The high-side pressure design eliminates the need for a thrust bearing and tip seals, reducing friction and improving alignment of the scroll set. This results in reduced wear plus improved oil circulation rates and oil foaming elimination.
  • Improved sound quality: The innovative scroll compressor design generates lower dBA for a more pleasant environment.
  • Reduced vibration: Lower compression torque reduces overall cabinet vibration and pulsations, reducing potential damage to piping and other system components.
  • High efficiency: The unique high-side pressure design with direct suction delivers less compression losses and improved volumetric efficiency.
  • Refrigerant compatibility: Available for use with environmentally friendly, low GWP refrigerants such as R448A/R449A and R290, as well as HFC refrigerant R404A.
  • Two series are available now to North American based refrigeration equipment manufacturers

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning horizontal scroll compressors will be made available in phases. The first phase includes the ZS and DS series single-speed horizontal scroll compressors that range in capacity from one-half to three horsepower. Phase two will include availability of larger capacity vertical scrolls, and inverter driven horizontal and vertical scroll compressors for both refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
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