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Johnstone Supply Has Zoomlock Fittings Bin

In their state-of-the-art showroom in Harahan, Johnstone Supply (the Petit Group) has added another cutting-edge feature by having all the Zoomlock fittings available in one bin location thus eliminating the need to receive counter help in filling their order.

Jim Cherry and Oscar Hernandez with the Parker Zoomlock bin.
Jim Cherry and Oscar Hernandez with the Parker Zoomlock bin.

All the sizes are available on location and the customer can touch and feel the product to be sure he is getting just what he needs. Of course, counter help is always available at Johnstone Supply, but they recognize that some customers prefer to pick out their own products.

Jim Cherry mentioned, “Having all the fittings that a customer will need helps sell the product. Our customers know that we will have the Zoomlock fitting they need in stock and with the display bin they may be reminded to buy a fitting that they would otherwise forget and have to make a return trip.”

Oscar Hernandez says “I like having the Zoomlock bin because I feel that having a product visible in the showroom instead of hidden in the warehouse helps our customers’ memories. I feel that we offer them top of mind awareness because they can see the Zoomlock kits and fittings and are less likely to forget about them.”

Jim and Oscar invite everyone to come see their bin at 1400 Edwards Avenue.