Larry Cobb and Aaron Cooper, Butcher Distributors.

Larry Cobb, Butcher New Orleans Commercial Specialist, Retires and Aaron Cooper is Promoted

July 26, 2019

Larry Cobb, Butcher Distributors’ New Orleans commercial specialist, retired at the end of June. After 13 years of service at Butcher Distributors, Larry has decided to retire to spend more time with his wife and to travel. Larry began working part time for Butcher Distributors in 2006 and became an invaluable asset, quickly transitioning into a full-time employee. His past 13 years working with Butcher’s customers have been very rewarding for Larry. He has done a great job developing relationships and rapport with our customers. Butcher Distributors thanks Larry for his years of service within its company wishes him all the best in his retirement.

Larry Cobb and Aaron Cooper, Butcher Distributors.
Larry Cobb and Aaron Cooper.

Butcher Distributors is also happy to announce that Aaron Cooper has been promoted to the role of Commercial Manager, effective July 1st. In his new role, Aaron will begin the recruiting process to identify and hire a Commercial Support Specialist whose primary responsibility will be to provide inside commercial sales and quoting support to our TM managed accounts. Aaron will be responsible for the strategic management, training, and development of the Commercial Support Specialist to better support commercial sales efforts. In addition, Aaron will maintain commercial assigned accounts for the entire Butcher territory and assist the Commercial Support Specialist in supporting the efforts of Butcher TM’s assigned accounts.

Please join the Butcher Distributors team in congratulating Aaron on his new role. All commercial job requests will go through Aaron until further notice. Aaron can be contacted at (833) 280-6661 or [email protected]