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LG Systems with LGRED° Heating Technology Offer New Extreme Year-Round Performance for Electrification of Single and Multi-Zone Projects

LG is known for creating high-quality, innovative products, and they’ve done it again with the expansion of their products incorporating LGRED° heat technology. Systems with LGRED° can be utilized to heat or cool an individual zone or an entire home all in one system in extreme climates where other electric systems may fail.

LG Inverter technology brings comfort, reliability and a modern approach to heating and cooling needs. And with the incorporation of LGRED°, you can now install a single, efficient unit for heating and cooling rather than having to purchase and install two different systems. Many of these duct-free and ducted systems are ENERGY STAR® certified and can compete in areas where fossil fuels were previously the only option. As an additional selling point for contractors, customers may be eligible to receive rebates from government entities and/or energy utilities, to increase their savings even more.

One of the most important features for the systems with LGRED° is their ability to be reliably deployed in some of the most severe conditions. Standing for “Reliable to Extreme Degrees’’ (RED), this powerful technology withstands very cold temperatures, offering 100% heating capacity performance down to 5°F and continuous heating operations down to -13°F outside. That rivals heating performance of fossil fuels when temperatures drop in the colder areas of the country. With capacities ranging from 18,000 Btu/h to 48,000 Btu/h, these products can meet a variety of home and load sizes for consumers looking to go with a greener option.

However, it isn’t only designated for cold weather operation. On the other end of the spectrum, when warmer temperatures arrive, the new LGRED° systems use sensors in the indoor unit to accurately measure room temperature and control humidity by adjusting the setpoint and fan speed. There’s even a Jet Cool mode to quickly lower the temperature when needed (up to 122°F).

One of the ways this is possible is by utilizing the new R1 compressor technology with through shaft, high side shell design that improves efficiency and performance. This allows for the system to maximize its efficiency while keeping rooms at a comfortable temperature, no matter what the weather outside.

Patented technology exclusive to LG on the 42K and 48K outdoor units includes vapor bypass and vapor injection that improve performance, while oil management is improved, thus increasing efficiency. The lightweight outdoor unit with a smaller footprint also provides more installation options for homeowners in restricted lot-line neighborhoods or limited spaces.

Outdoor units with the R1 Scroll compressor can be matched with ducted and duct-free indoor unit styles, including the LG Multi-position VAHU and 4-way ceiling cassette or horizontal concealed ducted indoor units. The entire system is compatible with the LG ThinQ™ app, providing access to other LG products in the home. For homeowners who want to achieve the connected, smart home experience and already have LG refrigerators, washer/dryers or TV’s this can be an important point that turns consideration into a sale. The ThinQ™ app is also compatible with Google Home™ and Amazon Alexa™.

For contractors considering LG products, their distributor channel offers a partner training academy that provides education for LG HVAC products, helping you and your customers better understand their benefits, so you can sell with confidence. LG Pro Dealer contractors also receive additional rewards and benefits that help support their business goals. LG has a broad range of systems with LGRED° technology to provide the perfect solution for any type of residence and environmental concern, turning homeowners into lifelong customers with systems that perform to the extreme.