Maintenance Plans: Your Secret for Year-Round Success by Katie Conigliaro, Excerpted from CE News

June 03, 2021

If you’re not currently offering an HVAC maintenance plan as part of your services, now is the time to consider implementing this option for your residential and/or commercial HVAC clients. By having a better understanding of the benefits of HVAC maintenance plans and what should be included in one, you can more confidently offer them to clients.

What Are HVAC Maintenance Plans?
An HVAC maintenance plan is a service contract that allows clients to pay an annual fee in exchange for routine tune-ups and inspections of the client’s HVAC system (furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, etc.). Some contractors refer to their HVAC maintenance plans as a “Comfort Club” or something similar to highlight the value delivered to the customer. Most contractors will create a few plan options so that the customer can choose between a good, better and best option.For more information or help with parts and supplies for your HVAC business, contact CE today by using this form:

Benefits of Offering HVAC Maintenance Plans
There are many benefits to offering HVAC maintenance plans for both you and your clients. On your end, getting clients to sign an annual maintenance contract provides you with a steady source of income—even if the client doesn’t end up needing any major HVAC repairs or replacement any time soon.

Regular inspections and tune-ups allow you to stay in touch with your clients and maintain and/or strengthen your relationships with them. From there, if your maintenance plan client does need HVAC repair or replacement services, he or she will be more likely to turn to your business.

On the client’s end, regular HVAC maintenance plans provide added peace of mind in knowing that their major HVAC components have been properly cared for throughout the year. Clients also tend to perceive an excellent value in these plans because regular inspections and tune-ups can help to avoid the need for more costly repairs down the road. And because a properly maintained HVAC system runs more efficiently than a system that hasn’t been tuned up, clients typically have no trouble justifying a service plan’s annual cost. In addition to that, there are several selling points you can highlight in your marketing materials and on social media accounts:

  • Catch Minor Issues – This way, the customer won’t have to deal with large, expensive repairs in the future.
  • Save Them Money – You will be able to locate leaks and other damage that could be impacting efficiency.
  • Stop HVAC Surprises – If the equipment is inspected twice a year, there is a good chance the customer won’t end up with a mid-season HVAC emergency.
  • Eliminate Hassles – You will contact your customers when they are due for service, and they will know exactly whom to call when any issues arise.

Types of HVAC Maintenance Plans & What to Include in Them
Not sure what to include in your HVAC maintenance plans? In general, an annual plan should include an inspection/tune-up of the client’s air conditioning system during the spring months and a tune-up/inspection of the client’s furnace sometime in the fall. A basic plan may include the inspections, while an upgraded plan could include additional repair work and/or replacement parts. You may consider discounts on service calls, parts and/or repairs. You can even prioritize your schedule or provide extended hours when they need repairs to ensure they feel valued.

Specific services that you can include are:

  • Filter changes
  • Thermostat checks and repairs
  • Insulation and ductwork repairs
  • Refrigerant checks and top-offs
  • Gas furnace inspections

In some cases, it may also make sense to offer discounted repairs and/or replacement parts for service plan members. Some HVAC companies may also include free or discounted service calls for service plan members to make things even more exclusive. Your HVAC maintenance plan cost will depend on your region and other factors, but it is not uncommon for these plans to run a couple of hundred dollars annually.

How Housecall Pro Can Help
These are just a few of the many things to consider when offering your clients an annual HVAC maintenance plan option. If you’re thinking about adding a service contract to your list of offerings, Housecall Pro can make your life a bit easier. This easy-to-use software makes it possible for your HVAC business to accept credit card payments, schedule service appointments, provide HVAC estimates and much more through the use of a computer or mobile device.

Maintenance plans for HVAC contractors are a win-win: You have a dependable residual income while your customers have peace of mind that their HVAC system is always operating at its best. To learn more, contact CE today at