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Marketair Adds New Time-Saving Condensate Drain Line Adaptor to DrainMate Product Line

March 05, 2020

Marketair Inc., an Edison, N.J.-based supplier of specialized and innovative installation components for the North American HVACR market, has added the time-saving DMB-34 adaptor fitting to its DrainMate line of condensate drain hose connection fittings for ductless mini-split (DMS) wall-mount evaporators.

Marketair DrainMate blueThe DrainMate DMB-34 is a blue flexible plastic adaptor fitting for quickly and easily creating a tight, reliable connection from a DMS wall-mount evaporator’s 5/8-inch (16-mm) condensate drain hose to a 3/4-inch (20-mm) Schedule-40 PVC drain pipe commonly used in many applications.

The DMB-34 is fabricated from a special grip-enhancing, non-slip material. The 5/8-inch female end accepts any of the standard plain or ribbed plastic nipples commonly supplied by most ductless manufacturers for fitting to the end of the drain hose.

The 3/4-inch female end slides directly onto any standard PVC pipe to ensure a reliable and easy connection secured by clamps or cable ties.

The DMB-34 completes the color-coded, easy-to-install DrainMate product line, which can accommodate any possible DMSS drain line connection challenge.

Other DrainMate models include:

  • DMY-58, a yellow 5/8-inch adaptor to connect the drain hose from the evaporator to a plain or flexible 5/8-inch hose, or to a 1/2-inch (12.7-mm) PVC pipe;
  • DMG-1, a green adaptor for use when the 5/8-inch drain hose needs to be shortened requiring removal of the plastic nipple and then secured to a 3/4-inch PVC pipe.

“Inventorying a small assortment of DrainMate adaptors on a service truck pays for itself because it eliminates a trip to the plumbing or HVAC wholesaler to jury-rig fittings not designed for the task,” said Gerry Spanger, president, Marketair.

DrainMate DMB-34 is available in cartons of 20-pieces at many participating North American HVAC/R wholesale distributors or direct from Marketair. For more information on other innovative Marketair HVAC/R products, please visit, call (732) 985-8226 or email

About Marketair

Originally founded by President Gerry Spanger as a manufacturer’s representative company in 1986, Marketair has now reinvented itself as an importer, exporter, manufacturer and distributor specializing in components and accessories for the HVAC industry. Headquartered in Edison, N.J., Marketair has acquired several innovative new products for commercial and residential HVAC applications, covering both the ducted and minisplit (ductless) sectors. Marketair also operates as a national distributor for smaller independent U.S. manufacturers. The company has established a national network of manufacturer’s representatives through which these products are sold in the HVAC/R industry wholesale distributors. It has also established a centrally-located warehouse for shipping products throughout the U.S.