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Nitto Launches DX-8208A: An Innovative Gas Detection Product for Proactive Safety Improvement

May 02, 2021

Nitto, Inc. (a US Subsidiary of Nitto Denko Corporation) today announced the launch of the second product in their gas detection line: Ammonia Detection Tape DX-8208A. The new technology allows for the visual detection of ammonia gas leaks by changing from white to blue when exposed to ammonia gas.

Ammonia gas is commonly used in industries such as refrigeration, ice rinks, fertilizer, power generation, chemical production, and pharmaceuticals. The gas is colorless and presents serious risks due to its highly irritating nature, making ammonia leak detection critical in maintaining the safety of people and property. The existence of an ammonia leak may be recognized by smell or an area sensor; however, finding the specific location of the leak can be time-consuming and costly. Nitto’s Ammonia Detection Tape can solve this problem by easily helping to quickly identify specific leak locations.

Nitto’s Ammonia Detection tape provides customers the comfort of knowing they can safeguard their facilities when using this new technology. Once applied, Ammonia Detection Tape can be used for up to 6 months until it comes into contact with ammonia. It quickly changes color in as little as one minute. Knowing they are taking a proactive approach to ammonia leaks can give operators, fellow employees and business owners peace of mind.

“I believe that Ammonia Detection Tape could be beneficial at any plant and company that has anhydrous ammonia as a refrigerant at their facility. This product has the potential of saving a plant’s refrigerant by cutting down the vital time it takes for the operators to locate a leak,” says Plant Safety Manager Coordinator, George Hubbard.

Benefits of Nitto’s Ammonia Detection Tape

  • See the Leak:Tape quickly changes color, from white to blue/green, in as little as one-minute when exposed to ammonia. Speed of color change depends on factors including the flow rate, temperature, time and percentage of ammonia.
  • Proactive Safety:Can be applied before leak issues are known, and left in place for up to 6 months, allowing for earlier detection than other reactive solutions.
  • Long-Lasting Color Change:Unlike other solutions, once exposed to ammonia gas, the color change will last about 72 hours in most cases even if gas flow is stopped.
  • Intermittent Leak Finder: With traditional methods, leaks at locations with intermittent flow can be difficult to detect. Ammonia Detection Tape makes finding intermittent leaks easier since the color change is long lasting.
  • Outdoor Leak Finder:  Outdoor leak detection can be difficult due to the wind, but this product acts like a barrier to wind, making detection in windy conditions easy.
  • Easy to Use:Applies as easily as a regular pressure sensitive adhesive tape.
  • Environmentally Resistant:Can be used in both typical indoor and outdoor environments.

To see the color change for yourself, view the product video:

For more information about Ammonia Detection Tape and Nitto’s gas detection tape product line visit: