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APR Supply Co. Named Supply House of the Year

APR Supply Co. has been named as Supply House of the Year by Supply House Times magazine. In honor of the award, Lebanon, Pennsylvania-based APR Supply Co. was featured in an 8-page spread of the trade magazine’s October issue. Serving as the official publication for the American Supply Association (ASA), Supply House Times is a monthly resource for plumbing, industrial PVF, hydronic/radiant and HVAC wholesalers, distributors and manufacturer representatives. Scott Weaver “APR Supply Co. is… Read More

Honeywell Solstice N40 Approved for Use in Ice Rinks by U.S. EPA

The Propane Education & Research Council is reminding construction professionals to use the considerable number of propane-powered heating appliance incentives available from a variety of sources before the temperatures drop and customers begin calling. “There is an abundance of incentives available for propane water- and space-heating appliances, which keep customers happy for longer because they provide superior comfort, are more efficient, and perform better than other energy appliances,” said Jesse Marcus, PERC director of residential… Read More

Justin Freedman to be Next President of GPS Supply

Bruce Tucker, CEO of GPS Supply, announced that Joe Novak will step down as President of GPS effective December 31, 2018. He will stay on in an advisory role to assist in the transition until March 31, 2019. “Justin Freedman will be our next president and is fully endorsed by Mr. Tucker and Mr. Novak as the most capable, qualified and deserving. He has worked tirelessly and is exactly the right person to bring GPS… Read More

Marketair Redesigns RoughinBox with More Versatility for the N.A. Minisplit and VRF Installation Market

Marketair Inc., an Edison, N.J.-based supplier of specialized HVAC industry components and accessories, introduces the RoughinBox™ RBX-3, a versatile redesign of the original RoughinBox for minisplit/VRF/VRV applications. The RBX-3 now includes an extra lineset port and accommodates both side and bottom drain configurations. Marketair RoughinBox The patented RBX-3-MP-NC (Multiple Port-New Construction) is a third generation RoughinBox combining the bottom drain outlet of the RBX-1 and the side outlet of the RBX-2, which offers total installation… Read More