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Skyland Energy Service Announces Scholarship Recipient in New Jersey

Skylands Energy Service, a local petroleum distribution and HVAC company based in Raritan, New Jersey, is proud to announce the recipient of the 2018 Skylands Energy Scholarship. This year’s recipient is Bret Schuler, a resident of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. He is receiving a $10,000 scholarship and is attending Drew University to study Environmental Engineering.

Ed Miller of Skylands Energy Service, Kathy Schuler (Bret’s Grandmother), Sandra Schuler (Bret’s Mother), Bret Schuler, Donald Schuler (Bret’s Grandfather) and Ken Yonker (Bret’s Father).
Left to right: Ed Miller of Skylands Energy Service, Kathy Schuler (Bret’s Grandmother), Sandra Schuler (Bret’s Mother), Bret Schuler, Donald Schuler (Bret’s Grandfather) and Ken Yonker (Bret’s Father).

Mr. Schuler graduated from Voorhees High School in June 2018 and will be attending Drew University this Fall, Bret will be receiving a total of $10,000, disbursed in increments of $2,500 per year during his four years of undergraduate study at Drew University.

The foundational principals behind the Skylands Energy Service Scholarship are to support students who want to become professionals in various industries and disciplines such as Environmental Science, HVAC, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and/or Construction Management. The ideal candidate will also show commitment to our neighbors, our communities and our environment through excellence and integrity.

This year’s applicants were required to submit an application accompanied by a 2-minute video that they filmed and produced covering the topic: The Impact of Energy Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning Systems on the Environment. Mr. Schuler gave praise and tremendous accolades to his High School Advanced TV Production teacher, Mr. Jeremy Brandt, for teaching him the skills needed to produce the quality video he submitted with his application. Schuler’s video, along with other applicants from this year, can be viewed on Skylands Energy Service’s YouTube channel.

When asked about the scholarship. Schuler said, “My first reaction knowing that I would be receiving $2500 (per year) bucks for school was shocking! My mom turned cherry red and jumped in the air ecstatically. I plan on using the scholarship money to purchase a Mac Book, school supplies, and any other unexpected expenditures. I am very appreciative and thankful that Skylands Energy awarded me their scholarship and the opportunity to better my experience during my education at Drew University. I want to personally thank Ed Miller for giving students like me opportunities to better their educational experience.”

“This was the first year that we offered a scholarship in this capacity. We were amazed by the high quality of applications that we received. I am extremely proud to be able to give back to the community,” said Ed Miller, president of Skylands Energy Service. “I know that our scholarship committee had a challenging task put in front of them to choose a winner. Ultimately, Schuler stood out to everyone on the committee. We wish him well in his college career at Drew University.”

About Skylands

Skylands Energy Service, one of the fastest growing, and most forward-thinking petroleum distribution and HVAC companies, is based in Raritan, New Jersey. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at SkylandsEnergy.com.