Systemair North America Launches New Green Ventilation Label to Guide Customers Toward Sustainable Solutions

April 29, 2024

(LENEXA, KAN., April 25, 2024) Systemair, a leading global supplier of high-quality ventilation, heating, and cooling products and systems, has launched its new Green Ventilation sustainability label. The mark constitutes an environmental performance benchmark to guide customers toward the most sustainable solutions within Systemair’s product portfolio. It comprises strong and easily verifiable sustainability requirements tailored to each product category (e.g., air handling units, fans, classroom ventilators), which define when a product is entitled to carry the new label or not.

Green Ventilation is part of Systemair’s wide range of sustainability activities to proactively meet increasing sustainability demands across HVAC markets worldwide. The new mark is subject to category-specific sustainability requirements, which define when a Systemair product is entitled to receive the Green Ventilation label. The set requirements are measurable and verifiable, allowing customers to make apples-to-apples comparisons and select the products that best meet their sustainability goals and needs.

The label considers not only a unit’s energy efficiency but also its impact on indoor air quality, safety, comfort, and global warming potential, among other factors.

“Green Ventilation is a simple guide to choosing the most sustainable solutions within our portfolio,” said Thomas Urban, Product Area Director at Systemair. “Only products that meet easily verifiable sustainability criteria can carry our new environmental performance mark.”

In North America, the product areas eligible for the Green Ventilation logo are air handlers, fans, energy recovery ventilators, car park fans, and classroom vertical unit ventilators. Systemair products marked with the Green Ventilation logo are ideally suited for energy-sensitive projects looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

“For architects and engineers seeking options that conserve energy, protect occupant health, and lower a project’s carbon footprint, Systemair’s new Green Ventilation logo provides a roadmap to the most sustainable options,” said Jared Smith, Regional Technology and Product Director for Systemair North America.

Systemair’s Green Ventilation label represents a significant step forward in the HVAC industry, offering customers a trusted symbol of environmental performance and sustainability. As organizations worldwide increasingly prioritize sustainability, Systemair stands ready to lead the way with innovative, eco-conscious solutions that make a positive impact on both the planet and building occupants.

Systemair provides detailed information on its new Green Ventilation label at http://www.systemair.com/en-us/expertise/green-ventilation.