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Selling IAQ to the Health-Conscious Homeowner

Throughout Aprilaire’s long history in the HVAC industry, much time has been spent with their contractor partners to understand what drives their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) business and how those drivers have changed. Talking points have shifted, as health-conscious homeowners understand the need for healthier air and look to contractors to deliver it. Contractors who understands this shift are differentiating their service and winning IAQ sales. Josh Bigelow from Great Dane Heating and Cooling leads… Read More

Superior Equipment Protection for Return Grille Applications

Aprilaire introduces a convenient and effective solution for high efficiency filtration in return grille applications. The Aprilaire Filter Grille Air Cleaner adds even more applications to an already extensive air cleaner line-up. A patented filter design provides for fewer change-outs and superior equipment protection. With the lowest static pressure in the industry, and a Self-Seal® design to eliminate bypass, contractors who use Aprilaire filters will reduce profit-robbing warranty call-backs due to loaded or leaky… Read More

Ahead of the Blower Curve Aprilaire Publishes Humidifier Performance Guidelines for ECM Motors

Beginning July 3, 2019, the DOE is requiring a maximum fan energy rating (FER) for furnace fans. The goal of this mandate is to reduce energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions. To comply with the new standards, furnace manufacturers are eliminating permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors and moving to electronically commutated motors (ECM). This will result in substantial energy savings and improved system performance. Aprilaire concludes that the performance of all types of whole… Read More