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Thinking Out Loud: Small Town Christmas Traditions

I have been thinking a lot about how January brings back many memories for me. I used to relish the cold and the crispness of winter. Today, I think about staying warm, 24/7. Bruce Heberle Winter hunting was something I used to enjoy doing, especially with my Dad, brother and other family members. January was the perfect time to hunt rabbits. Never being much of a shot, any success I had was because I used… Read More

Where to Go to Earn New Business in 2021

By Bruce  Heberle With limited travel, due to Covid-19 concerns, where does a company go to reach new customers? Many in sales are trying to figure out what is the best way to sell in this changing work environment. A situation where they cannot travel to meet customers face to face. With goals to be met in 2021 how does a sales professional reach those targets? Bruce Heberle I have found contacting new customers by… Read More

Thinking Out Loud: Small Town Christmas Traditions

I have been thinking a lot about small town Christmas traditions. What were your family traditions? What did your family do that made Christmas special? Do you still feel the magic of Christmas? Bruce Heberle The other day I was listening to the Garth Brooks radio channel. He was talking about how Christmas was always special to his family. Garth’s favorite Christmas memory was when he was four or five years old; it happened on… Read More

Thinking Out Loud: Being Thankful

I have been thinking that November is different than other months. To me, you can feel the change of seasons in the air. November makes me excited about deer season, college football, the upcoming basketball season, sitting around fire pits and family on Thanksgiving. Bruce Heberle There is an old saying that states: “It is always a good day if you wake up above ground.” That is especially true in November! With that in mind,… Read More

Thinking Out Loud: The Sweet Spot

I have been thinking about where the sweet spot is when it comes to family birth order? Is it the oldest, the youngest, or in the middle? I have observed where being the oldest has its advantages and being the youngest has its own rewards. In my mind, the middle has a little of both and thus gives us what I call the sweet spot. Bruce Heberle I was number 4 of 5 in birth… Read More

Thinking Out Loud: Man’s Best Friend

I have been thinking a lot about how influential our pets are in our lives. Their needs allow us to remember that some things are simple, some things are routine, some things remain normal. They allow us to breathe and if we emulate them, we can enjoy the simple things in life. My wife and I have been blessed to have a 170lb St. Bernard in our life since 2012. Bruce Heberle I admit looking… Read More
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