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Goodway Technologies Hires Matthew Wilden as Director of Operations

Goodway Technologies, a leader in industrial maintenance solutions, is pleased to announce Matthew Wilden has joined the company as Director of Operations. Wilden’s primary responsibilities are oversight and optimization of the supply chain, onsite production, and shipping processes of Goodway Technologies. Matthew Wilden “Matthew’s experience on the operations side and with manufacturing facilities in a variety of industries will help Goodway Technologies improve its efficiencies and further enhance customer satisfaction,” said Tim Kane, President, and… Read More

Cleaning and Maintenance of HVAC Systems Help Tackle IAQ Concerns in a Post Pandemic World

Goodway Technologies, a leader in industrial HVAC maintenance products, is reminding facility managers how critical the cleaning and maintenance of an HVAC system is to indoor air quality (IAQ). While many facility managers have long understood the importance of IAQ, the pandemic has brought an increased emphasis on the need to keep employees and occupants safe and healthy, and with “back to work” activity increasing, now is the time to act. “One of the top… Read More

Supporting a Healthy Indoor Environment is a Trend That Should Stick Around

The importance of proper cleaning and disinfection has undoubtedly been vital for nearly every company, facility, and organization this past year. While the heightened awareness may eventually decline, it’s likely that many people will still look to companies to take the proper steps to support a healthy indoor environment and reduce the risk of bacterial or viral outbreaks. “Many industries—such as food production and health care—had a strong focus on cleaning and sanitation before the… Read More

Goodway Technologies Introduces Portable Ionizing Air Purifier to Assist Facilities in Improving Indoor Air Quality

Goodway Technologies is introducing a more portable solution to clean air in facilities and businesses. The APS-1000 Ionizing Air Purifier is a small and sleek solution that utilizes advanced multi-filtering technology combined with H13 True HEPA filter, a medical-grade air filter, to delivery healthy, clean air. Goodway APS-100 ionizing air purifier “People are paying more attention to indoor air quality and the steps that facilities and businesses are taking to keep the indoor environment healthy… Read More

Goodway Technologies Releases 2021 Maintenance and Cleaning Solutions Catalog

Goodway Technologies, a leader in innovative maintenance and cleaning solutions, is announcing the release of its 2021 catalog. The latest catalog showcases Goodway’s expanded sanitation and cleaning product line which grew aggressively throughout 2020 to meet the growing demand in industrial, retail, food service and corporate environments. “This past year dramatically increased the need for quality cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting solutions,” said Tim Kane, president and CEO of Goodway Technologies. “We’ve adjusted our focus to… Read More

Four Steps for Proper Chiller Maintenance and Cleaning

As facility managers are seeing an increase in responsibilities and tasks while navigating the global pandemic, Goodway Technologies wants to share a reminder that proper chiller maintenance and cleaning should still be a priority on their to-do lists. A benefit of performing chiller cleaning and maintenance at the end of the cooling season is that any larger issues or concerns can be identified early. It provides more time to find a solution before the chiller… Read More