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Greenheck Expands Automatic Balancing Damper Line

Greenheck has added two new products to its automatic balancing damper (ABD) line. Model ABD-FD incorporates a UL 555 rated 1-1/2 or 3 hour static fire damper, flanged sleeve, an ABD and an optional factory-supplied grille. The entire ABD-FD assembly is UL rated and approved and can be used in both supply and exhaust applications.  Ceiling radiation damper CRD-1WT, UL classified for wood truss floor/ceiling assemblies, now has the option to add an ABD mounted… Read More

New Isolation Control Damper from Greenheck

Greenheck’s heavy duty, rectangular industrial isolation control damper, Model HCD-221, incorporates the square-blade design found on Greenheck’s bubble tight damper. The square-blade design enables the damper to provide shutoff with very low leakage in HVAC or industrial process control systems. With a flanged damper frame for easy mounting, Model HCD-221 features a blade seal mechanically fastened to the blade that is field replaceable and available with parallel or opposed blade action. A wide range of… Read More

Greenheck Offers Inverter Compressors on Select DOAS Units

Greenheck Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) now feature inverter compressors on select RV and RVE models offering 5 to 30 tons PDX cooling capacity. New models RV-110 and RVE-180, which can provide 30 tons to 70 tons of cooling, also accommodate inverter compressors. Inverter compressors provide precise temperature and humidity control and operate at reduced sound levels. They also help save energy by improving part load efficiency. Inverter compressors typically achieve 15%-20% higher IEER compared… Read More

Greenheck Introduces Two New HVLS Fan Models

Greenheck has added two new models to its line of high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans. Model DS-3, a three-blade HVLS fan for large commercial and industrial spaces, offers capacities up to 164,900 cfm and is available in 14 to 24 foot sizes. Model DC-5, a five-blade HVLS fan featuring a sleek, lightweight design to complement office spaces, restaurants and more, offers capacities up to 54,900 cfm and is available in 8 to 14 foot sizes. Greenheck… Read More

ASHRAE President Tours Greenheck

ASHRAE President Sheila Hayter, front row second from left, with Greenheck ASHRAE members. ASHRAE President Sheila Hayter recently toured Greenheck’s Schofield, Wisconsin campus as part of her visit to Wisconsin ASHRAE Chapters. Hayter toured the Bernard A. Greenheck Education Center, the Robert C. Greenheck  Innovation Center and one of Greenheck’s manufacturing facilities, as well as addressed Greenheck ASHRAE members and staff at a luncheon. With more than 57,000 members from over 132 nations, ASHRAE is… Read More

Buying Greenheck Just Got Easier. Announcing the Launch of Quick Delivery Online.

Ready to ship as soon as you click.  Greenheck has announced the launch of its new e-commerce site, Quick Delivery Online (qdonline.greenheck.com).  Now customers can shop thousands of in-stock fans, louvers, dampers and accessories that ship within 24 hours. “Quick Delivery Online is another example of how we are innovating and bringing value to our customers so that we continue to be the easiest company to do business with,” said Peggy Tress, Greenheck Director, Business… Read More