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Greenheck Introduces the ECV-40 Energy Core Ventilator

Model ECV-40 is the latest addition to Greenheck’s energy core ventilator (ECV) line. The ECV-40’s new design features a dual-fan arrangement consisting of direct drive mixed-flow plenum fans with variable frequency drives (VFDs) replacing the forward-curved fan typically found in energy core ventilators. The mixed flow fan, a hybrid between an axial propeller and centrifugal fan, reduces brake horsepower requirements by up to 50%. The VFDs facilitate ease of balancing at start-up. Sound power levels… Read More

Greenheck Vektor Laboratory Exhaust System with Preprogrammed Controls Package

Greenheck’s Vektor-H® high plume laboratory exhaust systems in single and two fan configurations can now be specified with a factory-preprogrammed controls package. The independent control system maintains duct static pressure by modulating fan speed, bypass damper position, and isolation dampers as selected in Greenheck’s Computer Aided Product Selection program (CAPS®). The control system includes variable frequency drives (VFDs), a duct sensor, and a separate factory-programmed logic controller (PLC) and can operate as a standalone or… Read More

Greenheck Group Producing Essential Air Movement Equipment to Support Healthcare During COVID-19 Pandemic

As multiple state and government agencies have limited travel and ordered people to shelter in their place of residence, essential businesses like Greenheck Group are addressing new challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Greenheck Group, a global leader in the engineering and manufacture of HVAC equipment and headquartered in Schofield, WI, continues to support ongoing building construction around the world, especially in needed industries such as healthcare and digital infrastructure. “As an essential business, we… Read More

Greenheck’s Energy Core Ventilator Line Continues to Grow

Energy Core Ventilators (ECV) from Greenheck transfer both sensible (heat) and latent (moisture) energy between the exhaust and supply airstreams without the airstreams mixing. The energy recovery core separates the supply and exhaust air, ensuring only fresh air is introduced into the indoor space while providing superior heat transfer and moisture permeability. Model ECV-PM, the latest addition to Greenheck’s ECV line, features an AHRI 1060-certified polymer membrane energy recovery core manufactured from corrugated aluminum sheets… Read More

Greenheck Expands Hurricane Louver Line

Greenheck’s new EHV-550 and EHV-550D are 5.5-inch deep stationary dual module wind-driven rain louvers featuring horizontal front blades and vertical rear blades. The innovative horizontal front blades provide a more traditional appearance and prohibit sight of the vertical rear blades from any upward viewing angle. The vertical rear blades yield high ventilation rates while providing unsurpassed weather protection. The EHV-550 and EHV-550D louvers are licensed to bear the AMCA Seal for Water Penetration, Air Performance… Read More

Greenheck Announces North Carolina Manufacturing Expansion

Greenheck has announced that it will expand its manufacturing facilities in Shelby, North Carolina. The company will invest nearly $60 million to expand production of its Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS), Tempered Air Products (TAP) and Architectural Products. Several hundred new manufacturing jobs will be created over the next five years. Tom Kilgore The expansion plans include the purchase of an existing manufacturing facility which will support increased demand for Greenheck DOAS and TAP products. Read More