How Much Will You Net From Your HVAC Business Sale?

By Business Modification Group HVAC specific business broker Patrick Lange Other than taxes, you get to keep all of the money offered for your business, right? Not exactly. So how much will you net from your HVAC business sale? Patrick Lange, a business broker with Business Modification Group lays out the six major expenses that relate to any HVAC business sale. Maintenance Agreements and Prepaid In-house Warranties If you’ve been listening to industry experts, you… Read More

How Do I Sell My HVAC Company Myself?

Good news! If you have a highly reputable full-service HVAC company, it’s in high demand. Now that you’ve built a ready-to-sell HVAC business, where do you start? We won’t bury the lead here. If the question is, can you sell your HVAC business yourself? The answer is yes. But it comes with a long list of details, that if missed, or mishandled can spell disaster for your future and unravel a career’s worth… Read More

Is Alabama the Best State to Own or Buy an HVAC Company?

Let’s be clear. Alabama is a great state if you want to buy or sell a heating and air company. Alabama has been a hidden gem for entrepreneurs in the HVAC business, but not anymore. A variety of market forces have propelled the state to the top of the list for aspiring owners. “It’s a hot market,” says Patrick Lange, business broker with Business Modification Group. “I get calls all the time… Read More

Absolute Air Flow Acquires Preferred Heating and Cooling

Absolute Air Flow continues its rapid expansion by acquiring Indio based Preferred Air Conditioning  Heating and Plumbing. Absolute Airflow, a Westminster based heating, air, and plumbing company has been steadily growing over the last 2 years. Guided by the owner, Victor Rancour is a proven industry standout. At just 32 years old, he has used his winning sales and training formula to form his own company. The results speak for themselves, as proven… Read More

Is Your HVAC Business Buyer Already on Your Payroll?

By Patrick Lange When I have the initial confidential meeting with an HVAC business owner about selling their business, I ask them a few questions about their reasons for selling, revenues, and significant expenses. Eventually, I’ll ask if there is anyone you think could be interested in buying your business, a key employee perhaps? The questions usually spark some thought and cause owners to sit back in their chairs and take a… Read More

Can I Choose Who Buys My Business?

When it comes time to sell your HVAC company, it can be an emotional experience. After maybe 20 or more years of pouring all of your emotional and physical energy into your business, it becomes a part of you. Many times, families are involved, with spouses and children depending on it for their livelihood. Over time, longtime customers become friends and your good name is tied forever to your business. From sponsoring holiday… Read More
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