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Steve Fales May 09, 2020

Florida News

Keep Calm and Carry On

Contributed by Steve Fales In 1939, Europe faced chaos. Germany, under a terrifying ruler, launched military actions against its neighbors, with a clear objective of […]

Steve Fales January 10, 2020

Florida News

Speaking Basic Courtesy

By Steve Fales People who live in Geneva, Switzerland speak primarily French. I discovered that when I spent a week’s vacation there. And although most […]

Steve Fales December 14, 2019

Florida News

Marketing Tips for the Long Haul

By Steve Fales The momentum created by marketing is a renewable business resource that feeds on a steady stream of ideas and activities. With that […]

Steve Fales November 02, 2019

Florida News

Positively Negative

By Steve Fales The word “negative” usually signifies something bad. But that’s not the case when the discussion is about a concept known as “negative […]

Steve Fales October 02, 2019

Florida News

Company Culture: Perks and Appreciation that Build Team Unity

Want to inspire greater productivity and loyalty among your employees without breaking the budget? Showing appreciation for their efforts is a company culture touchpoint that […]

Steve Fales August 03, 2019

Florida News

Making Your Website ADA Compliant

Contributed by Steve Fales The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) has never been given a clear interpretation regarding website compliance. Our research indicates that some […]

Steve Fales July 06, 2019

Florida News

Getting Your Email Marketing in Good with Customers

Contributed by Steve Fales (excerpted from the April 2019 AdServices newsletter) E-mail, it’s the marketing channel that never stops playing. It holds equal risks and […]

Steve Fales June 08, 2019

Florida News

Avoiding SEO No-No’s that Once Ruled the Rankings

Contributed by Steve Fales (excerpted from the April 2019 AdServices newsletter) To grow your business and get ahead of the competition online, you need the […]

Steve Fales April 13, 2019

Florida News

Quotable Wisdom: Big Picture Thoughts for a More Rewarding...

Contributed by Steve Fales We sometimes get so busy dealing with our everyday tasks, chores and challenges that we lose sight of the big picture. […]

Steve Fales January 12, 2019

Florida News

Fractional Marketing Solutions: Achieve BIG Marketing Goals Without Big...

Contributed by Steve Fales As seemingly everyone goes about their daily lives with phone in hand, the old real estate adage that it’s all about […]

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