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Getting Your Email Marketing in Good with Customers

Contributed by Steve Fales (excerpted from the April 2019 AdServices newsletter) E-mail, it’s the marketing channel that never stops playing. It holds equal risks and rewards for businesses that regularly use the medium to connect with customers. Steve Fales To make sure your e-mail efforts are engaging instead of annoying, here are some best practices worth following. Don’t Crowd. No one wants to be bombarded by promotional emails every day. Having gaps… Read More

Avoiding SEO No-No’s that Once Ruled the Rankings

Contributed by Steve Fales (excerpted from the April 2019 AdServices newsletter) To grow your business and get ahead of the competition online, you need the kind of visibility that puts you high in organic (unpaid) search result rankings. Steve Fales So what are the search engine optimization best practices for achieving a more prominent position and attracting a larger share of traffic? The answers are changing, and what once were considered the SEO… Read More

Quotable Wisdom: Big Picture Thoughts for a More Rewarding Life

Contributed by Steve Fales We sometimes get so busy dealing with our everyday tasks, chores and challenges that we lose sight of the big picture. So step back, take a break, and soak up these insightful observations. They just might open your eyes and mind to more of life’s possibilities, and the rewards that come with them. Steve Fales Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has… Read More

Fractional Marketing Solutions: Achieve BIG Marketing Goals Without Big Overhead

Contributed by Steve Fales As seemingly everyone goes about their daily lives with phone in hand, the old real estate adage that it’s all about “location, location, location” is now equally true about advertising. Enter geo-targeting where the real-world geographical location of a mobile device is identified through built-in smart technology, device ID and various other tracking methods. Steve Fales Geo-targeting can provide value for your audience and better performance for you. Here’s how: Strengthen… Read More

Fast Lane’s Best Call: a 20-Second Timeout

Contributed by Steve Fales Anyone who’s watched a professional football or basketball game is familiar with the concept of the 20-Second Timeout. Steve Fales When things are getting especially tense, the team calls a 20-Second Timeout. Everyone gets together on the sideline, takes a deep breath, discusses strategy, etc. Likewise, in our jobs or our personal lives taking just 20 seconds can make a big difference. Imagine you are getting ready to walk out the… Read More