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Testo at United Refrigeration in Slidell

At United Refrigeration in Slidell, Tommy Leaumont, Jeremy Helton, and Chad Mondello were displaying their favorite Testo products and stating what they liked about each individual product. Tommy Leaumont likes the 557 digital manifold with Bluetooth and the 4-way valve block. He said “The Testo digital manifold is the first choice of professional service technicians. It measures the high side and low side pressure and temperature and gives you simultaneous real time super heat and… Read More

Spectroline at United Refrigeration in Baton Rouge

Domon Tolliver and Todd Ricketts of United Refrigeration in Baton Rouge were recently talking about some of the features of the Spectroline leak detection kits that they stocked. Trey Ladut and Todd Ricketts with the EZ-Ject Kit for residential systems. Domon started by saying, “Leaks in any size HVACR system, be it residential, commercial or a large industrial facility, can very quickly become a major concern. The loss of a “little” refrigerant or lubricant can… Read More

Testo at United Refrigeration in Houma

Dayle Arceneaux, Randy Danos and David Walker are proud of their Testo Tool display at the United Refrigeration store in Houma. They also are proud of the wide range of Testo products they can offer their customers to help solve their service needs. Randy Danos and David Walker in Houma Dayle Arceneaux mentioned, “Our customers have a variety of issues that come up during their normal work days. Some of the different issues are because… Read More

Testo Products at United Refrigeration

Slidell, LA Jeremy Helton’s favorite Testo tool is the 550 Digital Manifold. Jeremy explains, “The 550 manifold opens up new possibilities for efficient analysis and documentation thanks to the integration of Bluetooth connectivity with the Testo Refrigeration App. You can clearly read measurement data, such as automatic calculations of superheat and subcooling on a Smartphone or Tablet, allowing you to work quickly and conveniently. In addition to this, measurement reports can be created and sent… Read More

United Refrigeration Hosts Holiday Lunches

On various days during the month of December many of the eleven branches of United Refrigeration Inc in south Louisiana hosted a Holiday Lunch or Christmas Party for their customers. United Refrigeration’s Slidell festivities On Thursday, December 13th, the Slidell Branch held their event and Jeremy Helton, branch manager explained their reasons for having the lunches, “We like to host a Christmas Party to show appreciation to our customers for the business they give us… Read More

Testo Meters at United Refrigeration

If you visit a United Refrigeration branch you will probably find a Testo display exhibiting that branch’s favorite Testo products. In Harahan you will see a collection of the Testo Smart Probes. The compact and wireless Smart Probes can be operated by a smartphone or tablet via the Testo Smart Probes app, which also provides complete reports at the push of a button. These durable multi-function probes are perfect for all aspects of the HVAC… Read More