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The New Flat Rate Celebrates 10 Years of Helping Contractors Improve Sales

March 29, 2021

The New Flat Rate, the first menu-pricing system for home service contractors, celebrates 10 years in 2021 as they continue providing home service contractors a pricing system that helps increase revenue.

Started from inside a garage in 2011, The New Flat Rate has supported over 6,658 users in the field while being accessed 35,000 times a week routinely. Having served 1,286 companies in all 50 states and Canada, the company generates an average increase of $246 on top of the standard flat rate invoice. That has helped them generate over $2 billion into the home service industry over the past 10 years.

Rodney Koop, The New Flat Rate
Rodney Koop

“When we first started the company, we were working 12-hour days, six to seven days a week without pay inside a garage,” said Rodney Koop, founder and CEO of The New Flat Rate. “Now, we have a state-of-the-art headquarters with a specialized training room. I continue to be amazed with the success of our members.

“We now have members in every state and four provinces in Canada, and without them and our staff here at The New Flat Rate, we would not have this tremendous amount of growth. They are the real heroes in our industry, and they have continued to be champions of our pricing system.”

Much has changed for The New Flat Rate over the past decade. The company started by using printed books for clients. Thanks to advancements in technology, contractors can now use the official app to present pricing options to customers on mobile devices and make changes as needed. The New Flat Rate now includes over 120,000 possible task combinations that are automatically assembled for technicians.

The New Flat Rate has become an industry leader in both training and coaching, hosting a high-level business conference called Business Uncensored. That conference will make its return Oct. 18-20 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Key members of the leadership team have been featured speakers at numerous tradeshows, conferences and events.

In addition to that, the company has become a leader in the workshop space by providing over 15 workshops throughout the year.

Another key factor that has helped The New Flat Rate develop into a leader in the home service industry is their commitment to the technicians that use their product. Over the last few years, representatives of the company have been on 1,710 ride-along trainings. Members of the company spend about six months out of the year on location, in homes, working directly with technicians.

“From the very beginning, our passion was to create a system that automated the upsell and remove the pressure from the technicians,” said Danielle Putnam, president of The New Flat Rate. “We wanted to make the lives of contractors a little easier and more profitable. We believe that we have achieved that because contractors that use our product have seen an average per ticket increase of $246. We still receive calls or emails on a daily basis from members stating they sold platinum jobs by showing a customer the menu.”

The New Flat Rate is looking to continue their growth as they develop new ways to assist both their current and future members. Recently, the company released Section Selection, which allows members to pick individual portions from various trades to diversify their services beyond their main trade. This can be done without having to purchase an entire new trade.

The company is also developing menu pricing systems for IAQ, chimney, generators and pest control. Those menu pricing systems will soon be launched and available for contractors in those trades.

About The New Flat Rate

The New Flat Rate, Inc. pioneered the first menu pricing system for in-home service providers which has doubled and tripled the average service ticket for contractors across the United States and Canada. Targeting HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Service and Repair contractors, each market-specific edition is designed to do the bundling and upselling for technicians by providing hundreds of service, repair and equipment replacement “menus,” each with up to five straightforward options consumers can choose. Voted No. 1 for two years in a row by Contracting Business, The New Flat Rate develops processes to eliminate objections and lower sales resistance for service technicians.

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