Butcher Distributors Tom Roland

Tom Roland, Butcher Distributors’ Vice President, Announces Retirement

December 15, 2018

Tom Roland has made a decision, along with his wife (Jendi) and family, to leave Butcher Distributors at the end of this year. He has been very fortunate to have had a healthy, prosperous 32-year career with both The Trane Company and Butcher Distributors. His past 20 years of working with all of the Butcher employees and customers to establish and sustain a culture of personal development and success has been very rewarding to Tom. Tom received much satisfaction in seeing Butcher’s customers improve their businesses and having that translate to their employees.

Tom Roland
Tom Roland

The reason for Tom’s departure is that it will allow him to make some lifestyle changes. Jendi and Tom want to spend much more time with their families in Pennsylvania and Florida and to be able to have the flexibility of living or being closer to their two children. Also, they are looking forward to traveling extensively and pursuing other interests and hobbies. Tom says that this is called semi-retired, with him leaving open, at a later time to have a “hobby job” since Jen may get tired of him being around.

Tom has very much enjoyed working for Butcher and being involved in the managing of our overall performance and strategic direction of the company. This business aspect, and more importantly working with Butcher employees and customers is still a great joy to him today. He believes Butcher Distributors has a bright future and will continue to be a great company with which to be associated. Lastly, Tom would like to thank all Trane Dealers for their commitment and contributions to Butcher’s success and also providing this wonderful experience in his life.