Jimmy Fry III, David Zorn, Jr. and Hugh LaRocca

ZoomLock MAX Training at Harris Refrigeration

November 30, 2020

David Zorn, President of Harris Refrigeration in Morgan City has a project on his books that will require a large amount of copper refrigerant piping to be installed and connected. Mr. Zorn has decided to use the ZoomLock MAX flame free ‘Press-to-Connect’ refrigerant fittings on this job because in his words, “On one job, what used to take us five days to solder we completed in just one day using ZoomLock.” Mr. Zorn continued, “I have been dealing with the ‘press to connect’ technology for over twenty years. I have been using the ZoomLock product itself for almost five years and ZoomLock MAX is actually an improvement because it provides two crimps plus the HBNR O-ring with each connection.”

Jimmy Fry III, David Zorn, Jr. and Hugh LaRocca
Jimmy Fry III, David Zorn, Jr. and Hugh LaRocca

A ZoomLock MAX training class was held on Friday, October 23rd at the Harris Refrigeration office located in Morgan City to prepare the crew for the upcoming job. Danny Keating of the Heyden Stanley Group facilitated the training meeting ensuring all of the individuals who would be involved in making the ZoomLock MAX connections were competent in the use of the tools and in the preparation of the copper piping.

Hugh LaRocca, Jimmy Fry III and David Zorn Jr. were the technicians in attendance who improved their skills by mastering the ZoomLock MAX procedures. After the meeting David Zorn Jr. commented, “The ZoomLock MAX system is a very efficient tool that will save us many man hours and increase our productivity.”

Some additional time was spent reviewing and working with the ZoomLock PUSH product which is a flame free ‘Push-to-Connect’ system that can be used when press tool or jaws are unavailable or not properly suited for the job at hand. ZoomLock PUSH not only works great with residential air conditioning systems but is perfect for ductless mini-split or VRF systems since soldering is not required and ZL PUSH SAE flare adapters are available for connecting to the unit. ZL PUSH comes in both permanent and removable fitting options.