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Butcher Distributors Hosts TCS Summit

TCS Summit
TCS Summit

In early December Butcher Distributors hosted a TCS Summit to review the 2020 Trane Comfort Specialist (TCS) program. The TCS Program is designed to accelerate Trane’s leading dealers’ growth and overall success. There were several upgrades to the 2020 program that allows dealers flexibility to tailor the program to their specific needs.

Trane’s Channel Marketing Manager, Lindsey Mathews, attended the meeting to answer dealer questions and provide an in-depth review of the new additions to the program. Southwest Regional Manager, Rich Vinson, also attended to introduce RunTru by Trane. Dealers learned about the RunTru by Trane product offerings and had a chance to view a unit. Dealers left with a clear understanding of the program upgrades and 2020 Trane product offerings.

Contact a Butcher Distributors TM for more details on how you can become a Trane dealer.