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Bob Rosas Needs Our Help

Many of you met Bob Rosas during his long career in our industry, dating back to the early days of H.B. Adams. He not only worked in distribution but also as president of a major air conditioning and service contracting firm, president of an air duct distribution company and national sales manager for a flexible duct company. Our readers in South Florida may have met him when he represented the Florida HVAC Insider as South… Read More

Gun Licenses and Medical Marijuana

Excerpted from the Cotney Construction Law Update Newsletter – August 2018 With a growing number of states passing laws legalizing marijuana, much of the marijuana debate has focused on the public health and economic effects of passing such a law. What is often overlooked in these discussions is how legalizing marijuana, whether recreationally or for medical purposes, affects our other rights – namely, the right to own a gun. Trent Cotney, PA In a recent… Read More

RGF’s Patented Air Purification Technology Destroys Cold and Flu Viruses Before They Spread to Home and Workplace

RGF Environmental Group Inc. (RGF), the leader in environmental solutions for air, food and water, provides breakthrough proprietary Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products designed to help reduce the spread of cold and flu viruses in residential and commercial spaces. RGF has launched its “Got Flu?” campaign to help contractors better educate the public about IAQ products and their role in the prevention of deadly flu viruses. “It’s not enough to just wipe down surfaces and… Read More

Alert – Bad Code Regs Avoided in Bonita Springs

On August 1, 2018, Bonita Springs was set to implement a requirement that all change-outs go through plan review and include a spot survey for set-back compliance before a permit would be issued. South West Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association (SWACCA), working in close cooperation with the Bonita Springs Building Department and the Collier County BIA, went before the Bonita Springs City Council to request a delay in implementing the new procedure. After SWACCA Board… Read More