Tradeware Announces Release of HVAC Decoder Mobile App

Tradeware recently announced their release of a new product, the HVAC Decoder mobile app. “I have released the HVAC Decoder app in the Google Play and App store. It will save your technicians and salesmen time figuring out what existing unit is installed,” said Charles Cope of Tradeware. Charles also developed the Proposal Writer 2016 which writes proposals and invoices. Charles Cope About the HVAC Decoder Mobile App Charles explains how… Read More

Inside Notes: The Future of America?

Every time I look at the news it ceases to amaze me of the crazy stuff coming out of peoples mouths and their irrational actions all across our country. Why is it that we are so divided? Don’t we have enough to do. It seems many are trying to destroy our way of life on purpose? I guess comfort does breed laziness to a point. My father who was in the Army during WWII and… Read More

Investigators Discuss Reporting Licensing Fraud in Camilla, Georgia

By Dawn Clark of the Enterprise Newspaper For years Craig Hamilton, owner of Camilla Heating and Cooling, has been in a battle with the city and the county over unlicensed contractors. Hamilton felt that licensed contractors had no protection when it came to the enforcement of licensing requirements by city and county inspectors enforcement because “their hands were tied as to how much they could do,” or as Hamilton described it, “It’s part of the… Read More

Southern Company Subsidiaries Alabama Power and Georgia Power Continue Building the Future of Energy with Innovative Smart Neighborhood Projects

Southern Company and its Alabama Power and Georgia Power subsidiaries have officially announced Smart Neighborhood™ initiatives that will provide customers with state-of-the-art home construction, distributed energy resources – including solar and battery energy storage – and smart home appliances and technologies. The first-of-a-kind Smart Neighborhoods – located in Atlanta and suburban Birmingham, Alabama – will benefit customers through improved reliability, increased use of distributed energy resources and lower costs. These communities have the potential to… Read More