The Scott residence now features unrivaled energy efficiency and customized temperature control.

CE Florida Ductless/VRF Case Study: Scott Residence, Sanibel, Florida

August 25, 2020

When a residence undergoes a major renovation, it is not uncommon for homeowners to make changes to their existing HVAC systems. When CE was approached for assistance with the Scott residence in Sanibel, Florida, they knew they could help select the best HVAC equipment to suit the client’s needs. They were able to work with builder The Wolter Group and the team at FBI Air Inc. of Lehigh Acres to design and choose a Toshiba/Carrier VRF system for this beautiful home.

More About the Project

The Scott residence now features unrivaled energy efficiency and customized temperature control.
The Scott residence now features unrivaled energy efficiency and customized temperature control.

“When we were contacted to get involved with this project, the Scott residence was undergoing significant renovations,” stated Sam Farrar, CE Florida Ductless/VRF Dealer Development Representative. “As part of the renovation work, the home’s design was being modernized and made more contemporary. The homeowner also wanted to replace the existing HVAC equipment with one that was more efficient and with something that would offer a greater level of comfort control.”

Unique Challenges and Solutions

One of the biggest challenges while working on this project was the limited amount of space with which to work. The new design of the home offered a very open view of the ocean from the front to the back. Because of the open concept, high ceilings, and limited wall space, there was not enough room to accommodate a traditional air handler and ductwork design. The professionals at FBI Air Inc. reached out to CE because they knew CE could design and recommend a VRF system that would work with this home’s very open layout.

How CE Helped

“We began by conducting an on-site meeting to assist with the design and selection of equipment for this project,” Sam continued. “After some consideration, we were able to recommend a Toshiba/Carrier five-ton single-phase VRF system. This equipment was selected due to its efficiency, quiet operation, and relatively small condenser size. This system can accommodate up to five separate air handlers, which made it possible for us to work this VRF equipment into the home’s contemporary and open design.”

The Final Result

This Toshiba/Carrier VRF system ended up being an excellent choice for this particular home. The homeowners can now enjoy greater energy efficiency while having the ability to control the temperature throughout the home to their exact liking. Meanwhile, the small footprint of the system took up very little space and did not require the addition of extensive ductwork. As a result, the renovated home can maintain an extremely open floorplan that is unobstructed by ductwork or other HVAC equipment. Upon entering the home, visitors are immediately greeted with sweeping views of the ocean.

“CE is grateful to have worked alongside the experts at FBI Air Inc. for this project, and we hope the homeowners are enjoying their renovated space in comfort for many years to come,” Sam concluded. “This is another example of how VRF systems can be used to achieve unrivaled energy efficiency and customized temperature control without the need for extensive ductwork or bulky equipment.”

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