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East Coast Metal Distributors Held GREE Training Class at the Hilton Garden Inn, Raleigh-Durham Airport

East Coast Metal Distributors held the GREE training class on October 9th at HGI, 1500 RDU Center Drive Morrisville, NC 27560. The Instructor was Gerard (Gerry) Wagner, Vice President of HVAC Technical Training at Tradewinds Climate Systems.

Gerry Wagner giving class to attendees on GREE equipment for East Coast Metals.
Gerry Wagner giving class to attendees on GREE equipment for East Coast Metals.

Gerry’s presentation was fun, dynamic and professional with tips and clues as to how to install, service and maintain GREE mini-slit equipment. Also, Rob Wilson, Jay Weaver, GREE Product Manager, and Clay Phillips at East Coast metal Distributors, Inc. did an incredible job filling the room with the highest quality installers and technicians for the GREE mini split training event. Attendees were able to gain the information they need of the equipment and left feeling confident and knowledgeable.

The curriculum for the class was as follows:

Section I

  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Language of the error code
  • Installation, service & parts manuals

Section II

  • IDU sensor Ohms test
  • IDU sensor replacement
  • ODU sensor Ohms test
  • ODU sensor replacement

Section III

  • EEV diagnostics
  • EEV operating head replacement
  • EEV stationary post replacement

Section IV

  • ODU main board diagnostics
  • ODU main board replacement
  • IDU main board diag
  • Reactor / PFC Inductance

Section VI

  • Compressor diagnostics
  • Compressor overload protection replacement
  • Compressor replacement

Section VII

  • IDU fan motor diagnostics
  • IDU fan motor replacement

Section VIII

  • IDU coil cleaning

Section IX

  • GREE diagnostic tools
  • Aftermarket diagnostic tools

Section X

  • Checking for proper equipment ground

Section XI

  • Reversing valve diagnostics
  • Reversing valve replacement

Section XII

  • Damper motor replacement

Also included…

  • L3 ODU fan motor error
  • Refrigerant charge under / over
  • Brazing with nitrogen
  • How to make the perfect flare
  • Approved leak sealant products

For more information on training classes or East Coast Metals supplies and equipment, call: 919-596-2136 or visit: www.ecmdi.com.