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Greenheck Introduces QEID Upblast Fan

August 26, 2022

Greenheck’s QEID direct drive mixed flow fan is now available in a roof-mounted exhaust or upblast configuration ideal for discharging clean air or fume exhaust up and away from a building. The QEID Upblast’s mixed flow wheel offers higher efficiency operation than a belt drive fan and requires less maintenance by eliminating belts, pulleys and fan shaft bearings, and a factory-programmed VFD enables easy adjustment and control. A fully-welded heavy-gauge curb cap eliminates leaks and allows for quick mounting to a roof curb. Butterfly dampers provide backflow protection and prevent rain penetration, while a windband protects the dampers from debris and keeps the damper blades closed when not in operation.

Greenheck QEID-27_Upblast Fan

The QEID Upblast fan has performance capacities from 800 to 88,000 cfm and up to 10 in. wg. and is AMCA licensed for Fan Energy Index (FEI), Sound and Air Performance. The QEID Upblast fan is also UL/cUL Listed for Electrical (UL/cUL-705) and Power Ventilators for Smoke Control and can be used for emergency smoke exhaust applications.

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