Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott
Editorial, Georgia News

Inside Notes: Globalism, Our Future?

January 16, 2021
Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott
Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott

Globalism, is this the way of our future? The world used to be a place of simplicity – people lived locally and never traveled far from their homes, having a close-knit community. As time passed, the human race learned to travel the world and investigate all its wonders, which has brought us to this point in time.

The world isn’t as big as it was years ago. We have grown into a world-wide system and are connected at the touch of a finger. Since you can’t stop the change, how to deal with it? Do we go at warp speed into the future, keep up if you can, or do we put the brakes on somewhat, so folks can catch up?

I found the following information about globalism on Wikipedia:

Arguments in Favor: Proponents of globalism believe in global citizenship; that is, the problems of humanity can be resolved with democratic globalism. Democratic globalism is the idea that all people matter, no matter where they live, and that universal freedom and human rights can be fostered for all mankind. World citizens believe in civic globalism and that by thinking globally and acting locally they can affect positive change across all barriers.

Arguments Against: Arguments against globalism is a loss of cultural identity, deletion of community history, conflict of civilization, loss of political representation and collapse of the democratic process in favor of a globally managed open society.

However, the term “globalist” has also been used as a pejorative for political enemies, on the left within the context of the 1990s anti-globalization movement and protests, and on the right as a pejorative of “cosmopolitans” or those who favor internationalist projects over national ones.

Is globalism the answer for humanity? Or is our future dictated by something more advanced? Don’t be too quick to want to change, not all change is good. I’ve never seen the grass greener on the other side that lasted very long.

Our future is really amazing and exciting if you think about it. Our world has changed dramatically in the last 100 years, but remember, everything has its dark side that has to be fought against to survive. Common sense would work well for all of us.

Keep the Faith!