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Modine Encourages Proactive Preparation Ahead of Winter Season

November 07, 2022

Modine Manufacturing Company (NYSE: MOD), a leader in innovative heating solutions in the HVAC industry, is encouraging contractors and facility managers to be prepared for the upcoming winter season by having ample heating solutions available and performing routine maintenance. 

“At Modine, we are dedicated to providing innovative heating solutions to our partners,” said Elizabeth Casebolt, marketing manager of the heating division at Modine Manufacturing Company. “To ensure our partners have the solutions they need, we keep our products stocked and ready for distribution during the heating season. We have almost twice the inventory as we did last year while building about 600 units per day to meet the needs of our customers. 

“With lead times increasing, we are committed to having the right products in place when our clients request them. Whether it’s our Effinity™ High-Efficiency Commercial Unit Heater or our Hot Dawg™ Garage Heater, we have a solution that works for any situation.”  

For Contractors 

The heating season can be a busy time for contractors. With a dedication to helping homeowners be prepared for colder weather, contractors should offer permanent heating solutions that can keep residential spaces warm during the winter. 

“At Modine, we have heating solutions in stock that will provide contractors with the necessary products to keep their customers warm and comfortable throughout the heating season,” Casebolt said. “Rather than being reactive, contractors can stay prepared by partnering with Modine to ensure they have the solutions they need to meet their customers’ demands.” 

Contractors should begin reaching out to customers early to schedule tune-ups and remind them about the importance of regular maintenance as well. Contractors can also sign up to be a Modine Authorized Contractor, which will help connect them with homeowners in their area for the purchase, installation or service of HVAC equipment. 

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For Facility Managers 

According to Casebolt, fall is a great time to begin preparing your facility for the upcoming cold temperatures. Much of the preparation should be focused on the HVAC system or unit heater. Some vital tips that will ensure your facility is ready for colder weather include: 

·        Check the equipment for any damage to the sheet metal, fans, wiring, gas pipes or vent systems. 

·        Look for any obstructions that may block the air inlet or discharge paths of the heat exchanger. 

·        Inspect for cleanliness of the heat exchanger and burners. 

·        Check electrical connections to gas valves. 

·        Schedule routine maintenance with a licensed contractor. 

For Homeowners 

For homeowners, scheduling a tune-up is a great opportunity to discover potential problems while also ensuring your units are primed for the new season. 

“Regular maintenance for HVAC units or unit heaters is always recommended a few months before the season changes,” Casebolt said. “Homeowners will want to ensure the unit is in working order to prevent breakdowns in the colder months. The best way to do that is to schedule a check-up with a licensed contractor. While these tune-ups help prevent breakdowns, they can also extend the life of your unit if performed regularly,” 

In addition to having their units serviced, homeowners can also extend the living space within their homes by installing a unit heater in their garage. Products, such as the Hot Dawg® garage heater, provide reliable, permanent heat to garages, allowing families to utilize the space more efficiently. 

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About Modine 

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