Ice Air Cold Climate VRF brochure

New Ice Air VRF Brochure Explains the Benefits of Ice Air’s Breakthrough Cold Climate Technology for Heat Pumps

February 17, 2020

Ice Air®, a leading global provider of climate control solutions, recently released a new brochure detailing the benefits of the company’s new Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHPs) and Single Packaged Heat Pumps (SPHPs), which utilize Ice Air’s new Breakthrough Cold Climate Technology in order to function efficiently and reliably to deliver heat in temperatures down to -5°F.

Ice Air Cold Climate VRF brochureIn the past, heat pump technology allowed more efficient heating, but was limited by poor low ambient temperature performance. Ice Air’s Breakthrough Cold Climate Technology has changed the status quo, enabling reliable operation in extremely low temperatures. Ice Air’s advanced VRF (Variant Refrigerant Flow) technology ensures that the unit is pinpointing the exact amount of high-efficiency heating or cooling required for the desired room conditions.

“We are pleased to announce the release our new brochure that explores the benefits of our PTHP and SPHP units in-depth,” says Mo Siegel, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Ice Air. “Ice Air continually strives to improve our products’ performance in extreme temperatures. The efficiency of Ice Air products combined with VRF technology ensures that our units maximize the comfort of buildings in extreme weather conditions while saving energy.”

Ice Air’s cold climate PTHP and SPHP units combine energy efficiency with VRF technology to maximize comfort control benefits. The use of enhanced vapor injection (EVI) compressors allow Ice Air’s PTHP and SPHP units to operate to extreme low temperatures, with the chassis capable of operating down to -5°F in heating mode and 38°F in cooling mode.

“In the winter, comfort is of paramount importance in homes and commercial buildings,” says Ric Nadel, Ice Air’s Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. “Our new brochure provides an excellent overview of Ice Air’s Breakthrough Cold Climate Technology benefits, and is a great resource for builders, developers and property managers.”

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