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AquaMotion, Inc. Awards Two Sales Reps for 2019

AquaMotion Inc., a Rhode Island manufacturer of patented Single, Multi Speed and ECM Variable Speed Circulators and Award-Winning Recirculation Systems, is pleased to recognize two of AquaMotion sales rep organizations. Hans Kuster, President of AquaMotion, Chris Sweeny, Sales Manager, Specification Sales, Rich Gruber of National Sales Manager of AquaMotion. AquaMotion President, Hans Kuster and National Sales Manager, Rich Gruber presented a plaque and recognition to Chris Sweeny, Sales Manager of Specification Sales, Ontario, CA, for… Read More

AquaMotion Announces New Universal Hot Water Recirculation Replacement Kit

AquaMotion recently announced the new AQUA-FLASH® AMK-UK kit, a superior universal hot water recirculation replacement kit for key brands used with hot water tank systems. AquaMotion Aqua-Flash AMK-U universal by-pass valve The new universal kit was designed as a replacement for failing competitive valves made of plastic or brass. AquaMotion® won the Innovation Award at AHR in 2018 for the Most Innovative Plumbing Product, the Aqua-Flash®. The AMH1K-3UV under-sink kit matches the pump output with… Read More

AquaMotion Inc. Announces West Coast Representatives

AquaMotion Inc., the innovation leader in patented hot water recirculation systems, single, multi-speed, ECM and variable speed circulators, is pleased to announce the appointment two West Coast Representatives. Northern California: JTG/Muir Inc. 4723 Tidewater Ave, Oakland, CA 94601; Tel 510-434-3144; Email:  info@jtgmuir.com. Territory: Northern California, including Monterrey, King, Tulare and Innyo Counties and Northern Nevada. President John Grose has marketed and sold pumps for 26 years. He is thrilled to now have the most awarded and… Read More

AquaMotion Introduces Aqua-Shield Outdoor Circulator for Use with Outdoor Installed Tankless Heater Recirculation Systems

In the Southern Tier of the US, Tankless Heaters are installed outdoors to save on the expensive air intake and exhaust system. The Aqua-Shield™ recirculation pump can be installed outdoors next to the tankless. The homeowner now has a greater choice of models without built-in pumps at more competitive prices. The heater manufacturers can now use smaller enclosures without the difficult to service built-in pumps. The external Aqua-Shield™ pump can easily be serviced by any… Read More