Dan Applegate

August 11, 2021


Inverter Driven Voltages, Part 2

Not too long ago VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) was making the news in the energy-savings arena, but VFD is only economically feasible on larger, commercial/industrial […]

Inverter Driven – Voltages, Part 1 July 14, 2021


Inverter Driven – Voltages, Part 1

Diagnosing inverter drive systems in many cases is easier than diagnosing electro-mechanical/analog systems. The inverter drive will report error codes both external to the device […]

Dan Applegate May 20, 2021


Inverter Driven/Hybrid

The effect of the inverter-driven mini-split ductless system has been profound; since the arrival to America’s shores decades ago, the mini-split inverter system has seen […]

Dan Applegate April 15, 2021


Inverter Driven – What Is An Inverter Driven System?

An inverter driven system (with respect to HVAC, because there are many others) is any mechanically compressed system controlled digitally with DC voltage, such that […]

Dan Applegate April 10, 2021


Inverter Driven: Signal Wire

By Dan Applegate Though at first quickly evolving, the DFS/mini-split equipment has settled into a near-standardization: many of the systems work very much (and look […]

Dan Applegate February 20, 2021


Inverter Driven: No Gauges, Part 2

By Dan Applegate The old-school method for checking these compressors was pretty simple. Sometimes a slug of liquid oil or refrigerant would make its way […]

Dan Applegate January 22, 2021


Inverter Driven: No Gauges, Part 1

By Dan Applegate DFS Heat Pumps, of all manufacture and variety, essentially offer the same great benefits of zoning with refrigerant instead of air, excellent […]

Dan Applegate December 26, 2020


Inverter Driven: DFS is VRF

By Dan Applegate Duct-free systems, mini-splits…all now are using inverter drive technology: Electronic Expansion Valves (EEV), driven by computer chips (EEPROM) which also control a […]


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