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Panasonic Announces Intertek Zero Ozone Program Verification for nanoe™ X Air Purification Technology

Panasonic, an industry-leading manufacturer of air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality systems, today announces that its ClimaPure™ XE Series ductless mini-split system that includes built-in, patented nanoe™ X air purification technology has received Zero Ozone Verification by Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. Intertek’s Zero Ozone Verification Program reaches beyond enforced limits to ensure the ductless mini-split system’s ozone emission is below federal requirements in the U.S. and Canada, including… Read More

Panasonic Introduces Next Generation Intelli-Balance 100 Energy Recovery Ventilator with Boost Capability

Panasonic, a leading provider of ventilation and indoor air solutions to the building industry, today announced its next generation Intelli-Balance™ 100 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) with an occupant-controlled Boost function. With the flip of a switch, Boost increases the fan speed to the highest setting, increasing airflow on demand, and is ideal when large gatherings in the home require greater ventilation. Intelli-Balance 100 ERV is engineered with versatile installation and healthy indoor air quality for single and multi-family dwellings to deliver high-performing, cost-effective balanced ventilation. Intelli-Balance is designed to operate at peak performance in every climate zone, increasing its adaptability for health-conscious homebuilders and homeowners across North America. “With more people now working from home and staying inside more, we’ve made our top-selling Intelli-Balance 100 Energy Recovery… Read More

Panasonic Selects Quantum Cooling to Deliver VRF, Mini-Split and Fresh Air Solutions in Florida

Panasonic, an industry-leading manufacturer of air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality systems, today announces that Quantum Cooling, an independent HVAC manufacturers’ representative firm, will distribute Panasonic VRF and mini-split equipment, including its new ECO Ventilate Packaged Dedicated Outside Air Systems (DOAS), to its customers in Florida. Dedicated to energy efficient HVAC design and green building methods, Quantum Cooling customers will have access to the latest Panasonic climate control solutions as well as its robust… Read More

Case Study: Panasonic and Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa

Nestled in the Carolinian Forest within Cambridge, Ontario is Langdon Hall – a luxury hotel, fine dining restaurant, spa and event venue. The century house was built in 1898 and remained in the same family for three generations until it was bought by the Bennett family in 1987. The new owners gradually renovated the original building and outbuildings over 20 years, transforming the residential property into the 60‑room commercial hotel destination it is now. Langdon… Read More

Case Study: Medical Office Retrofit by Panasonic

Challenges Medical offices are complex spaces with unique requirements, and often have older, inefficient design and systems that need upgrading. Retrofits are necessary to ensure patient comfort and care, but as medical offices can’t simply shut down, it can be challenging to complete an update. Medical office in Kentville, Nova Scotia. A recent example of a successful medical office HVAC retrofit is a project in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Through a collaborative effort the stakeholders were… Read More

Panasonic Announces Personnel Change

Panasonic Corporation recently announced the appointment of Yoky Matsuoka as a CEO of Panasonic, effective October 17, 2019. Yoky Matsuoka In order for Panasonic to continue its contribution to society as a “Business that Updates Lifestyle,” it needs to strengthen management structure and adopt new business models. As announced in the New Mid-term Strategy, one of the key strategies is to transform its hardware business with software and services. To propel these initiatives, the company… Read More