Pete Gardner

Pete Gardner April 10, 2021


The Inside SEER: Weathering the Covid Storm

By Pete Gardner I wanted to express my heartfelt sympathy to any of you out there that may have lost a loved one, friend or […]

Pete Gardner February 20, 2021


The Inside SEER: A Harsh Winter

By Pete Gardner This winter is starting to be a very intense and cold season. From the Northeast all the way down the coast to […]

Pete Gardner January 30, 2021


The Inside SEER: 2020 Is Over, but What Will...

By Pete Gardner Let’s visit a little of 2020 which was surely a year to remember. We had and still have a coronavirus going on […]

Pete Gardner January 02, 2021


The Inside SEER: It’s Getting Cold

By Pete Gardner The temperature transition has begun for the season. It is starting to get colder and the leaves are dropping quickly. While I […]

Pete Gardner November 21, 2020


The Inside SEER: November in 2020

By Pete Gardner November is usually a month of colorful falling leaves and happy family gatherings, with Thanksgiving being the main event. However, as we […]

Pete Gardner October 24, 2020


The Inside SEER: Helping During the Pandemic

By Pete Gardner As the months roll by this fall and winter, the pandemic might get worse and with the cold weather people will be […]

Pete Gardner September 26, 2020


The Inside SEER: Transitioning into the Winter Months

By Pete Gardner Well it’s getting to be that time of the year when we move into the fall and winter months. This is also […]

Pete Gardner August 22, 2020


The Inside SEER: Reaching Out

By Pete Gardner I would like to reach out to the manufacturers, suppliers and contractors who are working hard during this Covid-19 Pandemic. As we […]

Pete Gardner July 18, 2020


Inside Seer: Lingering Around

By Pete Gardner It seems the Virus is hanging around longer. With that in mind, I wanted to repeat an article that I previously had […]

Pete Gardner June 13, 2020


Inside Seer: Re-Opening Around the Country

By Pete Gardner At the time of this writing things are beginning to open up around the country. People have been social distancing and wearing […]

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