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The Nixon Group is Proud to Offer HVAC Contractors the Best in HVAC Products

The Nixon Group has been a leader in the manufacturing representative area for the HVAC community for many years. The Nixon Group is driven to offer quality HVAC products to manufacturers for sale to the contractor. These are highlights to some of their fantastic product line. Westinghouse Returning to the world of HVAC, Westinghouse provides high efficiency and low cost for any of your cooling and heating needs, conveniently. Westinghouse ductless mini-split systems provide a… Read More

Unico Introduces New Supply Duct Connection System

The Unico System has revolutionized the connection system for its flexible supply tubing, reducing the steps and time involved in the installation of its products. The longtime leader in small-duct high velocity (SDHV) central heating and cooling, The Unico System, uses flexible tubing in either 2-inch (51mm) or 2.5-inch (64mm) inner diameter configurations to deliver conditioned air to various rooms within a structure. The flexibility and small size of the supply tubing, main ducting (one-third… Read More

Unico Reconfigures Air Handler for Easier Installation

The Unico System has revamped its workhorse air handler unit, which delivers 1 to 1.5-tons of nominal cooling, to match the modular nature of its larger capacity units. Formerly a single packaged unit, the new Unico System M1218 air handler is now a separate module, making the already small unit even more adaptable for easy installation in tight spaces. The M1218 air-handler unit consists of various modules that are easily latched together. The modules can… Read More

Unico Launches Two New Initiatives to Aid HVAC Contractors

The Unico System has launched two new programs designed to help HVAC installing contractors. “Today’s world of interconnectivity is great for sharing information,” said Unico, Inc. president Phil Coerper. “But we all know the frustration of dealing with ‘press-this-number’ automated help desks that lack real human interactions.  That’s why we’ve launched our UniConcierge Customer Care initiative to provide installing contractors with a team of experienced, live people to help with our products and services.” The UniConcierge… Read More