June 29, 2022

Air Movement, Components

Unico Makes High Efficiency EC Motors Standard for All...

Unico, Inc., the leading manufacturer of small-duct central heating and air conditioning systems, has announced its commitment to mitigating climate change by making highly efficient […]

The Nixon Group logo November 27, 2020

Florida News, Georgia News

The Nixon Group is Proud to Offer HVAC Contractors...

The Nixon Group has been a leader in the manufacturing representative area for the HVAC community for many years. The Nixon Group is driven to […]

Unico Twist Fit duct connection system September 25, 2019


Unico Introduces New Supply Duct Connection System

The Unico System has revolutionized the connection system for its flexible supply tubing, reducing the steps and time involved in the installation of its products. […]

Unico air handler August 26, 2019


Unico Reconfigures Air Handler for Easier Installation

The Unico System has revamped its workhorse air handler unit, which delivers 1 to 1.5-tons of nominal cooling, to match the modular nature of its […]

The UniConcierge Customer Care Team: (L to R) Cyndi Bauman, Theresa Carter, Lee Ann Schuble. April 23, 2019


Unico Launches Two New Initiatives to Aid HVAC Contractors

The Unico System has launched two new programs designed to help HVAC installing contractors. “Today’s world of interconnectivity is great for sharing information,” said Unico, Inc. […]


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