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Venstar’s Explorer Light-Activated Thermostats Help Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company Save $12,000 on Annual Energy Costs

Venstar® has announced that its Explorer® light-activated Wi-Fi® thermostats and Skyport® Cloud Services have helped Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company reduce its monthly energy costs by $12,000 annually. Headquartered in the City of Industry near Los Angeles, Utility Trailer is America’s oldest privately owned, family-operated trailer manufacturer. “Venstar’s Explorer thermostats are light activated, so when the lights are on, so is the HVAC. When the lights are turned off, the HVAC goes back to unoccupied mode,”… Read More

Venstar’s Surveyor Energy Management System Helps Learning Care Group Reduce Energy Costs by 25 Percent

Venstar® today announced that its Surveyor® Energy Management System is helping Learning Care Group Inc. (LCG) reduce energy costs by 25 percent. With 900 school campuses, LCG is the second-largest for-profit childcare provider in North America and is a leader in early education for children aged six weeks to 12 years old. “With Venstar’s Surveyor, we cut our energy costs by 25 percent while setting a good example of sustainability for our students,” said John… Read More

Venstar Announces New Ultra-Low-Power Wi-Fi Temperature Sensor for Remote Management of Air Temperatures

Venstar®, a leading thermostat and energy management systems supplier, has announced its new ultra-low-power Wi-Fi® Temperature Sensor Pro (ACC-TSENWIFIPRO). Compatible with Venstar’s ColorTouch®, Explorer® and Explorer Mini Wi-Fi connected thermostats, the new Wi-Fi sensor enables users to remotely measure indoor and outdoor air temperatures. “Venstar’s new Ultra-Low-Power Pro sensor is a dual-powered device that improves the ease of monitoring and setting alarms based on the Supply Air temperatures. The sensor can be conveniently connected to… Read More

Venstar LED Lighting Solution in Use at Mission Community Hospital

Reduces Energy Costs by $1 Million in Less Than Three Years  Venstar® recently announced that its LED lighting solution is being used at Mission Community Hospital in Los Angeles County. Venstar was hired by Los Angeles-based healthcare consulting company Hallsta to transition the old fluorescent lighting at Mission Community Hospital to LED. “When working on lighting projects, the installation team is literally in every room of the hospital, from patient rooms to the ICU and… Read More

Venstar at Flick Distribution

Christian Smith of Air One Heating and Cooling is sold on the Venstar T7900 residential model thermostat. While in the process of purchasing one at Flick Distributing in Gretna, I asked Christian what he liked about this thermostat. Christian replied, “There are so many great things about the T7900 Venstar it’s hard to single out just one feature that I like. It is a high-resolution digital thermostat with a full color touch screen display. It… Read More

CASE STUDY: Venstar ColorTouch Thermostats Integrate Seamlessly with Control4 Smart Home Automation Systems

Venstar® just announced that its ColorTouch® connected Wi-Fi® thermostats and Skyport® Cloud Services are compatible with the Control4 smart home operating system. ColorTouch is about half the cost of other Control4-compatible thermostats, and its free downloadable Control4 driver saves an average of $300 per thermostat. “Venstar’s ColorTouch thermostat integrates perfectly with the Control4 app so users can remotely or automatically control their indoor comfort,” said David Keith, general manager of Southern Calif.-based Chaffin Air Conditioning,… Read More