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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider Although Ms. Bettie and I have never had a desire to visit Scandinavia, we decided to book a Scandinavian cruise simply because we had never seen that part of the world and we suspected the scenery had to be spectacular due to the sheer number of cruises that sail there each year. I had always heard that in general the Scandinavian population was cold and… Read More

Inside Notes: Don’t Mess with Mother Nature!

By Curtis Parrott “It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature,” too much. If you start kicking her too hard, she will kick back like an old mule. Mother Nature (sometimes known as Mother Earth or the Earth Mother) is a common personification of nature that focuses on the life-giving and nurturing aspects of nature by embodying it, in the form of a mother-like being. The term stems from Greek mythology. The Goddess Gaia… Read More

Between the Lines: Thinking Like the Customer

By Fred Martel When a customer says they want to upgrade to a more efficient system, do you assume they mean lower operating cost? If you do, you may be wrong – assuming, that is. What if they are referring to comfort? Quite often their issues are different and if you do not ask the right questions, followed by a “shut up and listen” session, you will lose more sales than you’ll win. But… Read More

From the Inside

By Walter Arnett Starting our 28th Year! Happy Birthday, HVAC Insider, Florida Edition! Walter Arnett This month, August, begins the 28th year of bringing you the news of the HVAC/R industry, not only in Florida, but nationwide as well. Our plans are to continue doing the job of bringing you this news of our profession and helping the industry grow. We thank all of you supporters for making our efforts in this cause a success. Read More
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