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From the Inside

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl!!! Like many football fans, I watched every play from my recliner and cheered the Bucs on, even giving up my usual nap in fear of missing an exciting moment. Walter Arnett I was particularly pleased with the outstanding, almost perfect game play of the entire Bucs team. That, on top of one old man of 43 years… Read More

The Inside SEER: A Harsh Winter

By Pete Gardner This winter is starting to be a very intense and cold season. From the Northeast all the way down the coast to as far a Jacksonville has experienced freezing temperatures and even some abundant amounts of snowfall. The weather has definitely put a strain on road conditions, air travel, electrical grids and on and on shutting down businesses and commuters. Much of the Electrical Grid System is under heavy strain and fresh… Read More

Thinking Out Loud: Changing Chairs

I have been thinking a lot about the hierarchy of families. The key to generational success in any family, if you think in business terms, is taking the time to plan for it. Bruce Heberle When we age, the family patriarchs influence becomes more consultative as we develop our own goals in life. In a business, a succession plan is important for the continued success of that company. The founder of a family-owned company may… Read More

Between the Lines: Flexibility – What’s Your Plan

By Fred Martel Business is not driven by price alone. Those who strive to be the lowest price walk a fine line between success and failure. The problems many businesses have cannot be cured with a rigid pricing program. Profits come from a discipline of good business practices which include proper hiring practices, continuous training, proper supervision, managing overhead and, of course, and proper pricing standards. A good business plan also includes a marketing… Read More

From the Inside

During this past unusual election, I received way too many pieces of beautiful literature from all of the candidates. I would like to have the money everyone spent just for the printing to live out my retirement on. Walter Arnett One of the pieces stood out as the result of an amateur publicist. First, it was addressed to “THE ARNETT HOUSEHOLD OR CURRENT RESIDENT.” Then, it stated “According to public records, you have missed previous… Read More

The Inside SEER: 2020 Is Over, but What Will 2021 Bring?

By Pete Gardner Let’s visit a little of 2020 which was surely a year to remember. We had and still have a coronavirus going on and at its peak at this point. There was/is lots of confusing information in government, threats and viruses from foreign countries to our cyber security, continual mask-wearing and social distancing, just to name a few things. Pete Gardner As it is now 2021, to start this year off, there is… Read More