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Thinking Out Loud: Rush Island Fun

I have been thinking a lot about how January brings back many memories for me. I used to relish the cold and the crispness of winter. Today, I think about staying warm, 24/7. Bruce Heberle Winter hunting was something I used to enjoy doing, especially with my Dad, brother and other family members. January was the perfect time to hunt rabbits. Never being much of a shot, any success I had was because I used… Read More

Inside Notes: Globalism, Our Future?

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott Globalism, is this the way of our future? The world used to be a place of simplicity – people lived locally and never traveled far from their homes, having a close-knit community. As time passed, the human race learned to travel the world and investigate all its wonders, which has brought us to this point in time. The world isn’t as big as it was years ago. We have grown into… Read More

From the Inside

It seems that the national wish of our country is “let’s finish 2020 as fast as we can and get 2021 off to a good start.” Walter Arnett Even the message on a Christmas card I received from my grandson, Brian and his family, beautiful Amy, and three of the five proudest things in my life, Connor, Adeline, and Tabitha, wished me “Happiness and Cheer, Despite the Year!” This card of love and wishes led… Read More

The Inside SEER: It’s Getting Cold

By Pete Gardner The temperature transition has begun for the season. It is starting to get colder and the leaves are dropping quickly. While I look forward to not having to mow the lawn every week, I don’t look forward to raking leaves and putting on tons of clothing. Just to go get the mail it is a bother for me to have to put on a jacket. I’m not one who likes the cold… Read More

Inside Notes: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott Finally, the close to a crazy year – just like in the madcap 1963 movie, all the crazy people going after the money and running all over each other to get what they want in life, the prize. History shows us that sometimes we are a lot like that as a society. Our diversified country is like having a big family reunion; you get the whole family together and there is… Read More

Thinking Out Loud: Small Town Christmas Traditions

I have been thinking a lot about small town Christmas traditions. What were your family traditions? What did your family do that made Christmas special? Do you still feel the magic of Christmas? Bruce Heberle The other day I was listening to the Garth Brooks radio channel. He was talking about how Christmas was always special to his family. Garth’s favorite Christmas memory was when he was four or five years old; it happened on… Read More