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From the Inside

By Walter Arnett I recently decided that my cell phone had outlived it’s usefulness as a convenience and I needed to give it last rites and replace it. So, off to Verizon I went. The visit reminded me of my first car phone and how it came about. Walter Arnett In 1992, the Florida Edition of The HVAC Insider began and Jean and I moved to the Tampa Bay area. I began traveling the state… Read More

Between the Lines: In a Perfect World

By Fred Martel In a perfect world it would only rain at night while we sleep, everyone would have enough food to eat and a warm place to stay, and vehicles would never break down. And in a perfect world, we could tell our customers that our HVAC system will be very comfortable, and they will understand what we mean. This is not a perfect world. It will pour down rain just as we… Read More

Inside Notes: Gold, the Stuff of Dreams

By Curtis Parrott Oh…that sparkling gold and all it represents. Gold is some great stuff. Its usefulness is derived from a diversity of special properties it holds. Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity, it will not tarnish, it’s very easy to work with and can even be drawn into wire. Gold can be hammered into thin sheets, it can alloy with many other metals and can be melted and cast into beautiful detailed… Read More


By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider As we sit here in Louisiana and Mississippi drenched and soggy from all the rainfall during the month of May, I got to thinking that we might happily want to share some of our bounty with the people who really need it. The first places that came to my mind were the Sahara Desert, the interior of Australia, the southwest United States, and believe it… Read More
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