The Inside Seer: Industry Activity is Increasing

The coming season is beginning to be very busy. People are eager to put winter behind them and getting ready for springtime and summer. There are many events going on in the HVAC/R industry and the atmosphere is gathering energy. For a lot of Distributors it’s a time for Open Houses, Business and Awards Meetings, Trade Shows and Grand Openings. Many attendees, at these gatherings, are loyal and dedicated Dealers, Manufacturers Representatives and Contractors who… Read More

From the Outside In

By Jim Haney Spring is just around the corner. Change of seasons is on its way. Time for us to prepare for change and be ready for a season of opportunity. Jim Haney Time to once again get those ads out for Spring check ups and make sure your program is based on comfort, not just maintenance. This is the year of taking back American business. We hope you have a plan for your business… Read More

From the Inside

By Walter Arnett March is finally here. I, for one, am happy to see it arrive after a really mixed up winter weather-wise. I stayed in by the fire as much as possible if I didn’t have to go out. Walter Arnett This month is pretty special for me, in several ways. Jean and I were married on March 26, 1950. That was the beginning of a 53-plus year happy life for me. Third son,… Read More

The Inside Seer: Using Heating and Air Conditioning Systems to Dry Out Structures

By Pete Gardner With the weather being the way it has been this season, special attention need to be focused on keeping climate control systems in good working order. In some cases dampness caused by humidity or even construction or renovation practices can create an environment that needs attention. Heating and Air Conditioning systems, of course, have been used to adjust the atmosphere in enclosed environments and have been used to “dry out” the area. Read More