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Inside Notes: The Totality of the Circumstances

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott People are very quick to judge situations and conflicts in life. I see on the news that many are very quick to come to a final judgment without all the facts in a case. When I was in law enforcement as a sheriff’s deputy detective and later as a police investigator I saw the worst side of the human drama. It’s been my experience that many people let their emotions fly… Read More

Bizarro World

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider Am I the only person who feels like I have been sent to Bizarro World? The definition of Bizarro World being “A world where everything is the exact opposite. Up is down, first is last, good is bad, wrong is right, white is black, logical is illogical, giving is taking, insanity is sane, liberty is tyranny, and vice versa. It’s a place where literally, the sky… Read More

Between the Lines: Guidance

By Fred Martel I’ll bet most of you like your job and the industry. You enjoy the challenge of tackling some mechanical issues and solving the problems. I’ll bet it would surprise you to know that most of your customers don’t share your enjoyment. Ask any of them. If they had a choice between shelling out to pay you to fix, install, or improve their HVAC system or putting a down payment on a… Read More

Thinking Out Loud: Are “F” Words Really Necessary Today?

I have been thinking about all the “F” words going around and I thought I would like to use a few myself. Bruce Heberle Years ago, there was a radio commenter, Earl Pitts, American, who had this kind of humorous thought for the day. He came on late in the day, around drive time, and always had an interesting take on events of the day. It was FUNNY and usually “on point.” He is retired… Read More

Inside Seer: Lingering Around

By Pete Gardner It seems the Virus is hanging around longer. With that in mind, I wanted to repeat an article that I previously had written. Its still holds true to what is currently going on in our country and around the world. Pete Gardner I want to express my heartfelt sympathy to any of you out there that may have lost a loved one, friend or family member to this swiftly spreading Coronavirus. The… Read More

From the Inside

The Coronavirus has made many changes in the way everyone lives and how every business is operated. We may not like these results that are taking over our lives but, we will have to learn to live with them until the worldwide health problems are solved, and that may not come about in a lot of people’s lives. Walter Arnett A major change has been the restrictions on the gathering of people in churches, restaurants,… Read More