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Between the Lines: It’s All About Value

By Fred Martel In business the question may as well be “what is a prospective customer?” My sales mentor back when I was learning the sales business told me the one important thing to remember: “If it costs a dollar but they don’t want it, it isn’t worth anything. Price doesn’t matter.” When you offer value you are educating that cynic. If you paint a good enough picture of the value, he or she… Read More

Inside Seer: Here Comes the Cold Weather

By Pete Gardner The winter transition has begun for the season. It is starting to get colder and the leaves are dropping quickly. While I look forward to not having to mow the lawn every week, I don’t look forward to raking leaves and putting on tons of clothing. Just to go get the mail it is a bother for me to have to put on a jacket. I’m not one who likes the cold… Read More

From the Inside

The cold season is finally here. It was only a couple of weeks ago that we were experiencing 90-degree days here in Macon. Most people were complaining about the delay in cooler weather. Well, no more complaints now. Yesterday, the winds from the north moved into Georgia, and about 3 o’clock this morning, the temperature dropped to 37 degrees. That should satisfy everyone that ought to be living at the North Pole and working for… Read More

The Inside Story

By Jerry M. Lawson, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Our industry is constantly evolving. As a contractor, it is vital that you be aware of the various changes you will face in your day to day business. One of the best places to learn about what’s coming is the annual AHR Expo. All the big names, all the newcomers, will be shown and explained at the big show. This years Expo is expected to be the biggest in history. Read More

Interesting Hobbies – Mule Riding

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider About thirty-five years ago, Kevin Bernard found an interesting way to relieve stress and see the outdoors at the same time. He started riding horses on local trail rides. He soon started riding from his house in Lafayette to Elizabeth, Louisiana, which is about a 100-mile journey by saddleback, to celebrate an all woods trail ride called “Christmas in the Country.” This would take Kevin 5… Read More

Inside Notes: The Men Who Made Us

By Curtis Parrott I think back to how I got to this point in time in my life. After all my mistakes, it was the mentors behind me, pushing me forward kicking and screaming, who made the difference. There have been many mentors in my life and they trained me in the many ways of the world. Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott. For many of us, our fathers made the biggest difference in our lives. Read More