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Inside Seer: Going the Extra Mile Can Make a Difference

By Pete Gardner In a world where it seems that everything is fast paced and people are in a hurry to get the job done quickly and collect their pay, we often forget to pay attention to the little things that might matter to someone. Focusing on small details, caring and having a positive attitude is the basis of a good business practice. Your attention here and making your customers feel comfortable is what can… Read More

Inside Perspective

By Greg McKool America, have we seen our best days? Watching the news can be both extremely depressing and comical at the same time. The rhetoric coming out of some of these reporters mouths is totally unbelievable and false! Why is there so much division in our country, don’t we have enough to do? Alabama Director, Greg McKool In some ways, things are much easier today than they used to be. But then… Read More

Between the Lines: Saying Good-bye to an Old Friend

By Fred Martel It has been said that we should celebrate the life of a lost friend – easier said than done. I knew Art Penchansky for many years. He encouraged me to get into the publishing business in 1997. I had been in the HVAC business for fifteen years, as a contractor. I managed a wholesale distribution company for many years and was a manufacturers’ representative when I got the call. I began… Read More

Build a Wall and Crime will Fall

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider “Build a wall and crime will fall” is President Trump’s much-maligned slogan concerning border security as it relates to our southern boundary with Mexico. I personally feel it is criminal not to secure our borders. I blame our politicians and our past presidents, both democrat and republican. I feel it is time to pass new laws and to enforce our existing laws, but in the meantime… Read More
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