The Inside Seer: Be Careful on the Roads this Spring

I don’t know if you have noticed or are doing these things yourself, but I have seen people everywhere texting and talking on their phones (not hands free) constantly while driving. I’m sure at one time or another you have heard or read a story about people injured or killed as a result of using their phone while driving. I have also been guilty of doing this in the past. My phone is a huge… Read More

Between the Lines: Have It Your Way

By Fred Martel It seems that a very high percentage of consumers have trouble making decisions. I know people who are decision makers at their jobs but cannot shop. The people you propose HVAC systems and service to are faced with decisions clouded by a lack of knowledge and pinning them down can be difficult. It is particularly difficult to draw out objections in this situation, but there are a few tools you can use. Read More

Louisiana Gas Fitters License Follow Up

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider (Editor’s Note: Thanks to Rick Kincel for his help in keeping me updated on this important issue.) In March, I reported on Act 297 of the Louisiana Legislature, which adversely effected the HVACR industry as it related to natural gas connections to furnaces among other things. I have received some potentially ‘good news’ on this very critical matter. Rick Kincel reports “Senate Bill 482 proposed by… Read More

Inside Notes: Taking the Oath

By Curtis Parrott I took my first oath as a young boy when I joined the Cub Scouts, in Albany, Ga. where I was born and grew up in my early years. I reaffirmed that oath at 13 when I became a Boy Scout during my teenage years in Decatur, Ga. I took an oath to God when I was baptized in the Methodist church. I took another oath as a young man when… Read More