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Between the Lines: A Matter of Trust

By Fred Martel People who need help with a personal problem usually look to a friend for help. When they need professional help, they look to an individual they can gain trust in to get results. The HVAC industry is one that offers solutions to technical issues. Your success can be measured by your ability to befriend your prospect; making them feel comfortable with the solutions you offer them. In a subtle way, you need… Read More

From the Outside In

By Jim Haney We are at a turning point in our country. Do we want to continue with this new America where our economy is booming, we still have no borders and this because we have been transformed into a country without rule of law? Jim Haney I for one cannot stand what has happened to our country. No traditions, no morals, no responsibility, and no more hard work. Thank God for a real American… Read More

Inside Notes: Depend on Yourself

By Curtis Parrott There has always been violent crime throughout history. The Bible tells us it started with Cain and Abel and has never slowed down. When I left law enforcement 20 years ago, although crime was bad, as its always been, it didn’t seem as evil as it is today. Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott There is a new breed of monster roaming throughout our beautiful country that just can’t be tolerated anymore. It… Read More

Mission Accomplished

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider A big “thank you” goes out to Louisiana Heat Pump Association and its Legislative committee for the passage of Senate Bill 482. Thanks, to Steve Winters of Alan Watts Service for his contribution to this month’s editorial In my opinion our state HVAC industry owes a debt of gratitude to the Louisiana Heat Pump Association for their leadership and efforts in bringing a satisfactory conclusion to… Read More