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Between the Lines: Lead the Way

By Fred Martel It’s a sign of the times. Everyone wants instant gratification. Video games have reset buttons. Everyone wants to speed but they will not learn how to drive. Customers have no time or patience. They want the quick fix for little or no money. Do it and get out. As a business person it is your job to slow them down. Haste makes waste and there is more waste than ever in… Read More

Inside Notes: No Longer in the Shadows

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott Normally where there is smoke, there is a blazing fire. In a monumental change for our government, the U.S. Defense Department said recently it’s now going to “detect, analyze and catalog” UFOs that could pose a threat to national security. After telling us since 1947 that UFOs didn’t exist our federal government, in all their infinite wisdom, are now telling us they don’t really know what’s flying around in our skies. Read More

From the Inside

Election time is almost here. I just received an Absentee Ballot in the mail. Back a few months ago, I got the Absentee Ballot for the Primary Election and filled it out but decided to change one of my selections. I did what the instructions said to do, I wrote “SPOILED” on it and took it to the voting poll with me to turn back in. There was no problem in getting to vote, which… Read More

The Inside SEER: Transitioning into the Winter Months

By Pete Gardner Well it’s getting to be that time of the year when we move into the fall and winter months. This is also the time of the year for emphasizing maintenance contracts. Selling more contracts for winterizing AC units and getting heating equipment ready for the upcoming weather is important for the customers. Pete Gardner I am sure during these somewhat turbulent times some people are not thinking about their climate systems as… Read More

The Inside Story

Don’t Give Up! By Jerry M. Lawson, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief The pandemic has been hard on all of us but the good news is that our HVAC industry with indoor air quality has grown more important than ever. We receive e-mailed press releases every day from companies claiming to have just the right product to help you solve the Covid-19 problem. I am sure that many of these news releases are real and worthwhile, but I am… Read More

Thinking Out Loud: Man’s Best Friend

I have been thinking a lot about how influential our pets are in our lives. Their needs allow us to remember that some things are simple, some things are routine, some things remain normal. They allow us to breathe and if we emulate them, we can enjoy the simple things in life. My wife and I have been blessed to have a 170lb St. Bernard in our life since 2012. Bruce Heberle I admit looking… Read More