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Between the Lines: Flexibility – What’s Your Plan?

By Fred Martel Business is not driven by price alone. Those who strive to be the lowest price walk a fine line between success and failure. The problems many businesses have cannot be cured with a rigid pricing program. Profits come from a discipline of good business practices which include: proper hiring practices, continuous training, proper supervision, managing overhead and, of course, proper pricing standards. A good business plan also includes a marketing strategy… Read More

From the Inside

I know it is just October, but it is not too soon to talk about the upcoming AHR Expo for 2020. The Expo will be held in Orlando, FL on February 3rd through the 5th at the Orange County Convention Center. This will be the 72nd year for this HVAC Expo and is reportedly going to be the largest ever. Walter Arnett Each year I remind you to make plans to attend the Expo because… Read More

Inside Notes: The Magical Calico

By Curtis Parrott Contrary to popular belief, I do have a heart and somewhat of a soft side, especially for animals. It began at a very early age. I think I tried to rescue every stay cat in the neighborhood. I know I drove my mom and dad crazy. I’ve always loved cats with their mysterious nature and history. They never do what you expect them to do in certain situations. They can be… Read More

Inside Seer: A Solution for Increased Business in RV’s

By Pete Gardner I have been very interested recently in studying the RV industry and have been watching YouTube videos about the RV lifestyle. In many of the videos and stories there are many situations where the refrigeration units in these vehicles have problems and/or need maintenance. What I can see is a need for HVAC/R technicians to get involved in this area and make more money. The HVACR industry is losing out on millions… Read More

The Inside Story

By Jerry M. Lawson, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief “Everything changes with time. The bluest of blue skies will change with the weather the highest of mountains won’t last forever… you changed in your way and I changed in mine, everything changes with time.” Lyrics by Chuck Lawson. This month our friend Jim Haney announced his retirement. I have known Haney since his years in distribution with GrayBar, Cain & Bultman, Thoben Elron, Distribucon. He had planned to buy… Read More

From the Inside

August was an active month for me that I’ll not forget anytime soon. Not only was it the birthday of the HVAC Insider, Florida Edition, it was my birthday also. I remember my younger days when I didn’t want to have a birthday roll around because it meant I was getting old and I wasn’t ready for such nonsense. Now, I am happy to see one each year, because it means I am still here… Read More