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Inside Notes: Our Vast Universe

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott Let’s get into something new for a few months; I’m sure everyone is tried of me ranting about politics, COVID-19 and such. All sane people know exactly what’s going on – the socialists are trying to make a power grab. Instead, let’s delve into how small we really are in the grand scheme of things and what could be waiting for us in the future. Question: Are we alone in this… Read More

The Inside SEER: Reaching Out

By Pete Gardner I would like to reach out to the manufacturers, suppliers and contractors who are working hard during this Covid-19 Pandemic. As we all are aware, this virus has definitely changed the way we have to do business. For those of you who have been working out in the field and in the manufacturing and supply arena, I would like to hear any of your experiences and the way it has affected the… Read More

From the Inside

Each year in the August issue I take time to thank all of our advertisers, manufacturers, and certainly all of our readers for the support you have given us over the years. This 2020 August issue is the beginning of our 29th year of bringing you industry leaders the news of the HVAC/R profession in Florida, as well as that of any national or international happenings that affect Florida. Please continue with your much appreciated… Read More

Thinking Out Loud: Life Chapters

I have been thinking a lot about how the chapters of our life book will be written. As we age our life book is open. Our chapters are written one day at a time. We allow our life to be exposed, for the most part with Facebook and other media, for all to see. As we live through the final chapters of our life, we should strive to make sure our life is worth viewing… Read More

Between the Lines: The Sizzle

By Fred Martel “Sell the Sizzle not the Steak.” Everyone has heard this line, and it works – if you create the sizzle. The average home or building owner is not getting the “warm and fuzzy” from features that you think are a big deal. You have to create the sizzle before you can sell it. Your approach must be more about them, i.e. comfort, economy, and service. What can you do for them?… Read More

From the Inside

Coronavirus has almost completely taken over the news media for some five months, now, no matter what the topic is in discussion. Sports of all kinds, businesses, politics, local, state, and national, including elections, and health are very much the main subjects discussed morning and night to a point of becoming boring. It seems that there is less news being given as fact, and more newspersons attempting to become commentators giving their personal opinions. That… Read More