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Inside Notes: The Importance of Economic Strength

By Curtis Parrott How important is it to have economic strength in a nation? It’s basically the glue that holds everything together for the most part, along with military power. Normally history shows economic collapse leads to the downfall of a central government and chaos within military. Military power, which some call the ultimate form of power in world politics, requires a thriving economy to function properly. Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott. Look at Venezuela. Read More

Between the Lines: It Won’t Sell Itself

By Fred Martel Regardless of the brand names you offer, they all have to be sold. The marketing efforts of the manufacturers provide name recognition, but you have to close the sale. The amateur sales person, defined as someone who thinks that selling requires no training or education, goes out and echoes the marketing points. He or she leaves behind brochures and a quote and hopes for the best. It is a case… Read More

The Inside Story

By Jerry M. Lawson, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Our Golden Year: 2019 2019 is a magical year for these newspapers. I left corporate America in 1969 after being told one too many lies. I did straighten out the problems which I was hired to fix. Then I was told that the promise to move me back home to Texas was not going to happen. The Southwest territory was added to the Southeast and I was to stay in Atlanta… Read More

Getting Through This Winter

While we are heading into March from February, we all will be going about our business traveling on the roads and highways. In the Mid and Eastern Regions of the US, the weather has been rough. I’m sure the area will get more snow and ice storms along with all of the misery that comes along with it. I hope that you are prepared to deal with in-climate conditions and have your vehicles checked for… Read More
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